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Object Serial Number: CN-2380#82-10290-029199

Recognized Object Class: Netzach

Basic Analysis:

As SCP-CN-2380 is an anomalous incident that has already happened on Earth and no breakthrough has been made in suppressing this phenomenon, the anomaly is considered uncontainable; however, it is possible to misdirect public knowledge of the anomaly.

Currently, SCP-CN-2380 is perceived by the public as being an inevitable weather/climate phenomenon, with effects identical to the "spring" of 4938 years ago.




SCP-CN-2380 is an anomalous weather aberration that has already occurred on the planet Earth; it primarily manifests as:

  • At a certain time, with no radioactive particles observed, radioactive snow/rain begins to fall from the atmosphere; reason unknown.
  • At a certain time, ice sheets begin to melt, revealing a colorless, odorless, transparent liquid that is analyzed to make up approximately 70% of the human body, reason unknown.
  • At a certain time, a type of blooming higher plant instances were observed in a natural state; analysis reveals that these plants are highly receptive to radiation. This property was likewise observed in other higher plant instances and their offspring in nature.
  • At a certain time, the natural environment was once again filled with oxygen to enable human respiration; the formerly highly radioactive particles ceased to be radioactive. Analysis reveals that the anomaly induced a large-scale stimulation of the intrinsic nature of Earth, leading to a return to standard EVE particle concentrations.

In 2839 NENew Era, it was discovered that snow and ice areas throughout Earth had begun melting, forming rivers, lakes and other geographical features. It is estimated that in 2947 NE, Earth will once again have oceans and continents.

In 2950 NE, it was observed that natural environments throughout Earth had been restored, and vegetation returned in a rapid second Phanerozoic period. It was successfully observed in 2951 that a species of higher organisms had evolved, and in 3000 it was observed that a species of proto-humans had evolved.

Currently, SCP-CN-2380 has been archived.

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