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Item #: SCP-CN-2402

Object Class: Archived

Special Containment Procedures: Prior containment efforts focused on determining the actual mechanism by which SCP-CN-2402 occurred.

Description: SCP-CN-2402 is a series of anomalous phenomena relating to the Moon. Historically, records relating to SCP-CN-2402 exist all over the world, all of which seemingly converge upon the same hypothesis used to explain the mechanism by which SCP-CN-2402 occurs.


SCP-CN-2402 in progress, taken on 2021/02/19

The discovery of SCP-CN-2402's anomalous properties was a part of lunar exploration; the information and photographs obtained during the exploration period proved that the moon does not produce light. As such, moonlight was attributed to an anomalous phenomenon, which included:

  • No source has been found for the light reaching Earth from the Moon;
  • The Earth will project a shadow onto the Moon, but it is unknown where the light causing the shadow originates;
  • The Moon will irregularly project a shadow onto the Earth, presented as the gradual process of the Moon's light being obscured;
    • Assuming the presence of an unknown entity that obscures the Moon and vice versa, that can project a shadow onto the Earth;
    • Assuming the presence of an unknown entity in the present celestial system that can produce light, but is invisible;
  • If this unknown entity is invisible, there is no way to explain the form of lunar eclipses;
  • If this unknown entity can obscure the Moon or be obscured by the Moon, there is no way to explain their relative positions;
  • Deviation of Earth's age from the observed values.

The determination of these factors may contain speculations and assumptions.

According to the results from the Foundation's analysis department, the unknown entity ascertained from the inversion of SCP-CN-2402 can simplify our understanding of the present celestial system. To simplify the mathematical model, the hypothesis that a massive luminous object exists in a region 1.496×108 km from the earth has been proposed. Based on the principle that "one should not assume more than required", this hypothesis has been rejected.

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