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Item #: SCP-CN-2403

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation robot (I/O - Hipparchus) is to ensure real-time monitoring of near-Earth asteroids within the Solar System, and must ensure that Protocol Hipparchus-24 is not interrupted.


SCP-CN-2403 in progress, photographed 1951/02/19

Description: SCP-CN-2403 is a continuous game of dodgeball, originally initiated by 16 subjects. At the beginning of each game of SCP-CN-2403, a random subject will be chosen for the game seemingly at complete random, typically out of the objects affected in the previous game. Affected subjects do not have any compulsion to continue SCP-CN-2403; however, they will view it as a "competition with a very important meaning", and will show a slight degree of regret if prevented from competing, at which point they will no longer be affected by its anomalous effects.

When SCP-CN-2403 begins, all subjects will display hostile intentions towards their opponents, which has been attributed as a reasonable consensus, and a polyester dodgeball (SCP-CN-2403-1) will manifest in the midst of the players. SCP-CN-2403-1 possesses a theoretically perfect sphere shape and does not lose elasticity during use, allowing it to slowly accelerate to up to 340 m/s during the game; in addition, it will automatically avoid obstacles. During the game, an area containing all subjects will gain a reality-bending effect, manifesting a weak reality-stabilization field, preventing the subjects from using abilities exceeding those of a standard human; however, their actions and postures are all impossible with standard joints and limbs, and subjects will not be injured or die during this process.

During this time, any subject hit by SCP-CN-2403-1 will disappear and will be replaced in all social capacities; the subject's close friends and family will, after a short period of distress, forget about their existence. Social records will show that the subject withdrew from all groups it was involved in, including work and school, and was considered no longer worth attention.

When no player is eliminated within a certain amount of time (5 minutes being the threshold), the size of the affected group of subjects will expand further, leading to more people being able to participate in SCP-CN-2403, and will remain at this size until the end of the game. In previously recorded SCP-CN-2403 incidents, the duration of the game increased with each subsequent incident, showing that it is directly correlated with the number of people involved.

Once a session of SCP-CN-2403 ends, it loses all its anomalous properties; the next SCP-CN-2403 will then begin one hour later.

Addendum SCP-CN-2403.1: Discovery Log

On 1951/02/19, an after-school dodgeball game in progress at National Taiwan Normal University involving 16 subjects (14 on-court players and 2 benched) deliberately went against the standard dodgeball rules popular at the time; after 3 hours of play, SCP-CN-2403 manifested and eventually expanded to include the entire faculty and student population. The local Foundation Mobile Task Force stationed noticed the anomaly and became involved in the game during intervention. The game was stopped after 1 member of the task force was lost.

10,024 people were affected in this incident.

Addendum SCP-CN-2403.2: Incident Log

On 2001/03/24, during SCP-CN-2403 Incident #4526, due to the excessive distance between two subjects (400 km), SCP-CN-2403-1 spent more than 5 minutes over the Taiwan Strait, causing SCP-CN-2403's range to expand further. At least 90% of the affected subjects did not participate in SCP-CN-2403 due to work or school-related reasons. Of note is that the extreme increase in the number of SCP-CN-2403-1 during the incident, of which a majority could not be located or traced; in addition, many objects other than SCP-CN-2403-1 were used in the game.

Due to the limits of SCP-CN-2403's effects, no additional containment procedures are required. During this time, the Foundation has confirmed SCP-CN-2403's minor reality-stabilizing effect, and a proposal to allow SCP-CN-2403 to expand to contain the entire human population to contribute to the neutralization of reality-bending humanoids is underway; a proposal to reclassify the object as Thaumiel is underway.

115,210,000 people were involved in this incident.

Addendum SCP-CN-2403.3: Protocol Hipparchus-24

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