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Item #: SCP-CN-2426

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, as SCP-CN-2426 is widely circulated and is well known in modern culture, the proposal to completely suppress and contain SCP-CN-2426 has been rejected; in addition, due to the fact that a theory contrary to McNugget fundamentalism has been adopted by the scientific community and the general public, suppression and misinformation methods are to be used to contain the anomaly.

An original version of the Chicken McNugget recipe, compiled and written by McDonald's head chef Rene Arend in 1979, and the original box of Chicken McNuggets are to be stored in Site-CN-75 and Site-140 respectively; official replicas are distributed as references to calibrate SCP-CN-2426. On May 20 every year, at the General Conference on Weights and Measures, all replicas are to be brought and compared with the original for comparison and calibration, and new official replicas are to be fried.

All Foundations sites are to shred all collected competitors to Chicken McNuggets, KFC chicken nuggets, poor quality Chicken McNuggets, Chicken McNuggets with no anomalous deviation measurements, and illegal imitations of Chicken McNuggets and dispose of the remains in designated food waste treatment plants. Any change in or exposure of the International Prototype McNuggets or methods of measuring Chicken McNuggets is considered a complete containment failure. The McDonald's Chief Happiness Officer is to be responsible for coordinating containment operations.



Description: SCP-CN-2426 is a type of boneless oil-fried chicken nugget, produced by McDonald's.

SCP-CN-2426's anomalous effect primarily manifests in the impossibility of its production basis; under ideal conditions, SCP-CN-2426 is non-anomalous, but due to unavoidable errors occurring in the process of its production, a large proportion of commercially available SCP-CN-2426 possess anomalous properties. SCP-CN-2426's anomalous qualities are reflected in the differences from its original method of preparation.

SCP-CN-2426's other anomalous effect manifests in its irregularity. Most anomalous chicken nuggets are incompatible with their surroundings; this sense of irregularity causes observers to gradually question the existence of such food items. It is believed that SCP-CN-2426 itself possesses a semantic field that simultaneously ensures the ontological existence and growth of the term "Chicken McNugget" and ensures that its literary qualities are unaffected by the surrounding environment.

The term "Chicken McNugget" under standard linguistic conditions comprises a type of non-anomalous boneless chicken nugget, but will always be surrounded by similar items with relevant semantic meanings, while not showing any variation itself — that is, under any circumstances, the object referred to by the term "Chicken McNugget" does not change. This semantic stability is a priori and exists on a metaphysical level. The existence of the term "Chicken McNugget" far predates the existence of SCP-CN-2426 themselves, ensuring that under any circumstance the term "Chicken McNugget" will immediately bring to mind SCP-CN-2426, transmitting this information perfectly with no loss; when mentioned in writing or orally, it may produce tactile and gustatory associations (concentrated in the mouth).

The following extensions of SCP-CN-2426 have been discovered:
Literary Device Description Effect
Simile "Chicken McNuggets show us the way forward, like a lighthouse." An instance floating in the air, which returns to its original position after being moved in any way. Because it is in perfect harmony with its surroundings, it is logical and irrefutable. Semantically ambiguous.
Metaphor "This is a sea of Chicken McNuggets." An instance attempting to traverse the entire interior of the Site. Semantically ambiguous.
Metaphor "Chicken McNuggets will eventually break the semantic barrier." The phrase "McNuggets in…" is typically defined as "based on McNuggetism", "given by McNuggetism"; it is only used in the fields of semantics and memetics.
Metonymy "He is reading Chicken McNuggets." Instances may possess some a priori, metaphysical and unspeakable connotation, which may be related to their color and semantics. Semantically ambiguous.
Simile "Time and time again, Chicken McNuggets rushed towards that giant, standing tall like the sun, like a mountain, like a sharp sword." Site-140's wind turbine array suffered damage; it is unknown who the perpetrator was or what the source of damage was. Semantically ambiguous.
Comparison "Chicken McNuggets began trying to understand your existence." No corresponding phenomenon has been discovered. Semantic ambiguity.
Character development "Chicken McNuggets come with a light tinge of yellow." All personnel who possessed knowledge of this refused to disclose further information about the entity; this resistance may arise as a direct relation of the nature of the information and may have a compromising nature. Further experimentation has been stopped.

Addendum 1: International Prototype McNuggets

At the First General Conference on Weights and Measures, held in 1889, the first proposal to define SCP-CN-2426 was submitted. In order to measure SCP-CN-2426 and better grasp the connotations of SCP-CN-2426, the SI base unit of SCP-CN-2426 was established after unifying the definition and measurement of SCP-CN-2426 in each country. Specifically:

Base quantity Base unit Symbol
Chicken McNugget Purity Nugget Mc

After the definition of this base unit, a freshly prepared box of Chicken McNuggets from a local McDonald's restaurant in Budapest, Hungary was established as the International Prototype McNuggets, which specifies one Mc as a serving of five Chicken McNuggets that match the prototype in taste, flavor, shape and texture. In order to prevent the International Prototype Chicken McNuggets from being eaten or destroyed, causing uncertainty in the definition of the Nugget, it is currently being held by the Foundation HMCL authority.

Addendum 2: History

The earliest discovered SCP-CN-2426 instance was in Shenzhen. Although difficult to trace due to its age, according to the recollection of Agent MacDonald, he was purchasing a box of Chicken McNuggets with four sauces from the McDonald's outlet near the Site for a snack. On the way back to the Site, he was attacked by the "Kentucky Fried Chickenist Liberation Army", an anti-Chicken McNugget and anti-McDonald's sect founded on a belief in Colonel Harland Sanders (PoI-3250) and Kentucky Fried Chicken, who were on their way to launch an illegal protest promoting KFC chicken nuggets instead of Chicken McNuggets and encountered Agent MacDonald carrying a box of freshly fried Chicken McNuggets, leading to a confrontation.

During this period, the anti-McDonald's sect attempted to convince Agent MacDonald that KFC chicken nuggets were the one true fast food; as Agent MacDonald was attempting to return to his post to continue his night shift, the argument quickly developed into a brawl involving over 50 people. When Foundation agents arrived at the scene, a paste consisting of "11 secret herbs and spices" was sprayed throughout the street and the McDonald's outlet. After half an hour of digging, Agent MacDonald was recovered from the paste, still holding a fresh box of Chicken McNuggets with four sauces.


Sir Isaac Newton (1643.1.4 — 1727.3.31), an absolutist McNugget fundamentalist.

Based to confessions by the KFCist Liberation Army, the Foundation designated the SCP-CN-2426 anomaly, and took the Chicken McNuggets with four sauces purchased by Agent MacDonald for safekeeping. Although SCP-CN-2426 was only discovered in 2001, tracing shows that the term "Chicken McNugget" had been in use to refer to boneless fried chicken nuggets in Europe and the Mediterranean, and that Sir Isaac Newton had written large quantities of research notes regarding SCP-CN-2426, including the concept of "absolutist McNugget fundamentalism", which may be the source of the anomalous nature of SCP-CN-2426.

Addendum 3: Excerpt from Documents
The following excerpt from the original containment records for SCP-CN-2426 was originally removed for its specificity. It is provided to elaborate in further detail on the nature of the anomaly. The original version of the manuscript is archived with the Foundation's History Department, and can be accessed at the Archives upon request.

"… Chicken McNuggets are absolute. Absolutely and mathematically, by their very nature, they are constant and immovable, uniform and unaffected by anything outside of them." — Sir Isaac Newton

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