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Item #: SCP-CN-2429

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The anomaly cannot be suppressed or contained, and no regularities or usable antecedent warning signs have been discovered. Containment operations are currently focused on cleanup and handling witnesses after each occurrence.

Description: SCP-CN-2429 is a phenomenon occurring in indoor spaces where only one person is present and large quantities of furniture items are present. Before the phenomenon occurs, the sound of coins being inserted can be heard from above the ceiling.

When SCP-CN-2429 occurs, a stiff-jointed human arm will appear from the ceiling, moving slowly and at a constant speed. The vertically extended arm will open its hand and slowly move to the subject's position, then extend downwards towards the subject once the hand is directly above it. The arm will typically anomalously change in shape at the elbow, producing a constant noise similar to that of rubber being rubbed with an abrasive. When the palm has reached a location near the subject's neck, the hand will suddenly close, attempting to grab onto the subject's neck or chin.

If the subject moves from its original position while the arm is extending, the arm will continue down to the ground, at which point the hand will momentarily close. The arm will return to the location at which it manifested, accompanied by vibrations and extensions of individual fingers. After returning to its original position, the arm will wobble, return to the ceiling, and disappear, at which point the sound of gears will stop.

It is currently unknown what will happen if the arm successfully grabs and removes the subject; records indicate that in most cases the arm fails to grasp the subject due to lack of grip strength.

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