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Item #: SCP-CN-2435

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-2435 is contained in a standard humanoid containment cell, which is cleaned daily. The containment cell is furnished resembling to the room where SCP-CN-2435 lived before containment. Some of its personal belongings are to be regularly inspected and sterilized.

Description: SCP-CN-2435 is a young woman aged 19, suffering from postpartum depression.

Every night after SCP-CN-2435 falls asleep, the cesarean scar on its stomach will split, letting most of its viscera come out. The viscera appear to be torn from its body and those wounds remain fresh and unhealed. Extreme blood loss will not happen unless they are being pressed. Missing important organs and exposing viscera to air for a long time do not make SCP-CN-2435 feel uncomfortable, while infection can be caused occasionally.

After come out from the body, the viscera will move around the room, usually imitating the daytime behavior of SCP-CN-2435. Most viscera have rather stable positions and moving patterns, with other viscera and pieces of skin will wander in proximity to SCP-CN-2435, expelling their blood, tissue fluid and contents in order to smooth their ways. Diseased viscera will not leave the body of SCP-CN-2435; other spare viscera will serve as their alternates, until the diseased viscera either make a full recovery or eventually die and cut off. Notably, polyps and tumors will neither move in particular patterns nor take place of other viscera.

All viscera will return to the abdominal cavity at dawn. Viscera will reattach to the body with all cuts healed in a short time and the cavity on the stomach will return to a cesarean scar; as a result, the scar always shows hyperpigmentation and cicatrices, while subcutaneous masses and fistulas sometimes appear due to the rapid healing process. Occasionally, some viscera may fail to return in time. In this case, their original places inside the abdominal cavity will be occupied by excrescences with former viscera lost their anomalous properties.

While the anomalous behavior of the viscera continues, it cause no actual influence to SCP-CN-2435; the item seems to be aware of this. Wen Jing, who comes from the department of gynecology and obstetrics in Site-CN-75 and is specialized in prenatal mental health, is currently in charge of communicating with the item and taking care of it.

The anomalous behavior of the viscera are listed as follows:
Viscera Behavior
Larynx Vibrates regularly on the microphone of a landline telephone.
Duodenum Ties a noose under the house beam. Stays still.
Stomach Holds a rag with cardia, cleaning the dining table repeatedly.
Esophagus Sweeps every objects on the table and cupboard to the ground in the living room, then curls up.
Greater omentum Climbs onto the crib, wraps the lower body of an infant doll and tucks its sides under the doll's arms.
Left kidney and lobes of the lung Continuously beat the windows of the living room.
Lymph node Dials a number on a cellphone. Empty number.
Breast nodules Always block the security camera, which faces towards the double bed.
Fetus Sits in front of the dressing table, looking at the mirror. Touches its face from time to time.

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