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Item #: SCP-CN-2440

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Several Foundation web-crawlers have been deployed to identify and remove the potential SCP-CN-2440 instances on the Internet.

The only copy of SCP-CN-2440 is kept on a Foundation standard SSD, and is located in Site-417. Testing application for the item must be approved in writing by the site director Palate. Subjects with tubers, roots or bulbs are not advised to interact with SCP-CN-2440.

The indentification and locating of SCP-CN-2440 is temporarily suspended.

Description: SCP-CN-2440 is a video, with a size of 58.42MB and a length of 16:30. It was first discovered in Site-417 supervisor Palate's personal computer, who couldn't recall the origin of the item.

SCP-CN-2440 displays no cognitohazardous properties, while the video content describes the scene of SCP-CN-2440-A, a huge unknown entity, using various tools to torture normal humanoid individuals. Before being tortured, the victims in the video were already dead or half-dead. Some of the victims appear in the video in the form of disassembled body parts. Identities of the victims can’t be recognized.

SCP-CN-2440-A seems to be sapient, it has two organic appendages, with five branches on each tail, while other parts can’t be seen in the video. The purpose of why SCP-CN-2440-A does so is unknown. Other abnormal natures of SCP-CN-2440-A is also unknown.

It seems that the tools which appear in SCP-CN-2440 doesn’t display any abnormal properties, but they are apparently designed to torture human beings effectively. Other uses of these tools can’t be identified.

Addendum: The following is a normal still frame from SCP-CN-2440. SCP-CN-2440-A doesn’t appear in this frame.

It’s normal if you feel uncomfortable after viewing the image. Please contact the psychological counseling and replanting services at your site.

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