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Item #: SCP-CN-2446

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The object is contained in a Standard Low-Risk Containment Locker at Site-CN-75. Testing on living organisms is currently prohibited. The blade of the object is to be covered at all times. Care is to be taken that accidental injuries occur during transfer or testing of the object with non-living matter. While injured subjects have been confirmed to be non-anomalous, they must still be monitored as a precaution against latent risks.

Description: SCP-CN-2446 is a nodachi, measuring 1.62 m in length and composed of tamahagane. The blade was forged in the 19th century, and as such is classified as a shinshintō. The object was custom-made for a private party, and was lost following the promulgation of the Haitō Edict by the Meiji government. It is believed that the object has passed through the hands of several collectors.

When SCP-CN-2446 is brandished against another person (the "subject"), its blade will unavoidably cut into a joint. Continued testing has indicated that this typically occurs at the tips of the subject's limbs. Following this, the blade will cut into the interior of the severed joint. In some cases, the object struck the exterior of the subject's kneecap; it was later found that such subjects had reversed joints or a missing meniscus. Of note is that just before the subject's limb is severed, the subject's first reaction is always to use their arms to block the blow, rather than avoiding it entirely; the reason for this is unknown.

SCP-CN-2446 was discovered in the home of professional collector Chen Gansong. At the time, a thief had broken into his collection and was confronted while attempting to steal items. The thief used the crowbar he had at hand to attack Chen, who was wielding SCP-CN-2446. By the time the police arrived, the thief had been subdued; his torso had been bound by his own limbs being wrapped around him several times, while SCP-CN-2446 was lodged in the forty-second joint of his left arm.

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