Item #: SCP-CN-2517

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, only one case of SCP-CN-2517 infection should be stored at an isolated humanoid containment chamber at Site-CN-10. Besides necessary interviews and tests, the confirmed case is not allowed under any circumstances to communicate with the outside world by any means. Personnel responsible for containment are to wear standard SCRAMBLE lenses when confirming the contents of the containment chamber in order to prevent the confirmed case from using any specialized means1 of conveying information. The interior of the containment chamber shall routinely undergo memetic cleansing.

Description: SCP-CN-2517 is an anomalous meme, manifesting as knowledge of "how humans can fly". The meme spreads through spoken and written language, and affected individuals (designated SCP-CN-2517-1) will have their cognition altered such that they strongly believe humans have the natural ability to fly; however, at the same time, there is no doubt that those infected are not, in fact, capable of flight. This significantly alters the SCP-CN-2517-1 instance's daily activities; for instance, they will attempt to fly when moving, and will discuss topics relating to human flight with others; however, there is currently no proof that they are, in fact, capable of flight.

Currently, there is only one instance of SCP-CN-2517-1 known to the Foundation: a memetics consultant stationed at Site-CN-10 by the name of Dr. Yan Xiao; his body structure is typical of a human, and testing has confirmed that he is not, in fact, capable of flight. It is currently unknown how Dr. Yan was infected by SCP-CN-2517, but standard humanoid anomaly inspection has shown that he is not, in fact, capable of flight.


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    From this point on, SCP-CN-2517 has been reclassified Decommissioned, and was terminated on 2022-01-28 at 23:21 (GMT+8).

    All necessary posts left empty in the course of containment are estimated to be filled after the execution. Personnel are not to worry.

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      Termination In-Charge: Site-CN-10 Countermeasures Operative, Foundation Resource Code 2715-LWY Liu Wenyun

      Termination Subject: SCP-CN-2517-1, previously Foundation memetics expert Yan Xiao

      Preface: After the decision was made at Site Command to decommission SCP-CN-2517-1, Site-CN-10 experienced a small-scale state of unrest, with many researchers, security personnel and agents breaching SCP-CN-2517-1's chamber and freeing it. Site Command determined this to be a rebellion and dispatched additional personnel to quell the situation, but failed to retrieve SCP-CN-2517-1. During the conflict, the humanoid anomaly escaped to the roof of the Site and was intercepted by special countermeasures teams. The following log is a transcript of security footage.

      [Begin Recording]

      <The humanoid anomaly stands at the edge of the Site's roof, facing away from the camera and seemingly looking down at the ground outside the Site. Special countermeasures operative approaches from behind and presses his firearm into the back of object.>

      Liu: Don't move.

      SCP-CN-2517-1: <raising both hands> Hah, it's been a long time, hasn't it, Liu? Two months…

      Liu: No, three months and twenty-one days… you know how much trouble Sun Lianyu went through keeping you alive? How much trouble I went through only to never be able to meet you? It's all gone to shit… you, you little shit, what the fuck happened to you, huh?

      SCP-CN-2517-1: Now you've seen me, heh heh. It's not too late.

      Liu: <lowers weapon, grips SCP-CN-2517-1's shoulder and turns it to face him, then hits the anomaly across the face with the butt of his gun> Don't give me that shit, Yan!

      SCP-CN-2517-1: <staggering and regaining balance, spitting out a broken tooth> Fuck, man, that hurt! Be more gentle, I've been tied to a chair for weeks living off IV drips.

      Liu: Do you know how much shit we're in? Half the Site's in a riot, how did you turn them into fucking cultists in just a week?

      SCP-CN-2517-1: <smiles> That can't be right. I've only talked to five people in total these few months.

      Liu: I'm under orders from Command to shoot you on sight, and honestly I'm about to fucking do it. <takes out restraint devices> You know what, come with me, let Director Sun talk to you. Maybe we'll let you live.

      SCP-CN-2517-1: <smiling, shaking head> No point, man. Ever since I saw the truth, I've been condemned to death. That's how maintaining normalcy works.

      Liu: <raising his gun and approaching again> More bullshit? Is this how you brainwashed those weak-willed researchers?

      SCP-CN-2517-1: "Brainwashing" is a strong word… I don't deserve that kind of talk. Whether you believe me is up to you. I guarantee you I'm still a normal human being, I don't have any extra limbs, nor am I capable of telekinesis. That reality anchor at your waist is nothing more than a lump of metal to me.

      Liu: Then what's gotten into you, man? While we're talking, Hammer Down is on the way. I've never seen that many people led astray by one "normal person".

      SCP-CN-2517-1: I merely… I'm sorry, seeing the truth isn't the right way to put it. A better way would be that I, no, we, have "remembered". <walking backwards, spreading out both hands> I'm guessing all that memetic treatment and cleaning had no effect? The containment team never though to amnesticize us? This isn't a gift given to any one of us. All humans have it. Just as horses can run and fish can swim from birth. It's like riding a bicycle, once you learn it, you won't ever forget. That sky above us is for us to conquer.

      Liu: Stop right there! Freeze!

      SCP-CN-2517-1: <continues walking backwards> For some reason, humans' possibilities have been partially extinguished. Our feet are tied to the earth by nothing but our own thoughts. Some things make no sense. I'm not stupid enough to keep believing in them. I don't know what those O5s are thinking, I don't know what the Foundation — we — have been doing all these years. How many pieces of common knowledge have we killed off? Are the O5s just their accomplices? Has the Foundation become the puppet of someone else?!

      Liu: In that case, Wan Hu and Wright were merely legendary fools. <approaching faster> I said, don't fucking move!

      SCP-CN-2517-1: <smiling> I must say, humans have always wanted to take to the skies, but they have never known they could fly. It is because of this ignorance that fools like Icarus fashioned wings from wax. Truly a preposterous story.

      Liu: Fucker, I said—

      SCP-CN-2517-1: Liu Wenyun, you have seen my document. What are you scared of? The "meme" in the document, even if it were real, you wouldn't be affected. I have long ceased to be considered human. You know just as well as I do. That's why you've come to stop me, isn't it? Then try it. Use that testing tool.

      Liu: You…

      SCP-CN-2517-1: Try it. If it's really a memetic compulsion, when you say those words, I'll vanish in a puff of smoke, and your work will be done. If not—

      Liu: If not, you think all will end well?

      SCP-CN-2517-1: … I'm sorry, old friend.

      <momentary silence>

      Liu: … Fuck!

      Liu: Does—

      <The sound of striking metal interrupts Liu Wenyun's incantation. The roof access door is sent flying by some force.>

      Unidentified female voice: Does the black moon howl?

      Liu: Sun?!

      <The source of the voice enters the frame, revealing herself to be Site-CN-10 thaumaturge, Foundation Resource Code 2715-UFAK, Level 4 Researcher Sun Lianyu.>

      <half a minute of silence>

      SCP-CN-2517-1: <laughs> Wonderful, the heroine always comes in at the end with a bang. Right, my hero, this is it! Sun Lianyu, this is your time to shine!

      Sun: … I am not a hero. I cannot save you.

      SCP-CN-2517-1: Don't worry, Miss, don't worry… You've already done very—

      <MTF-Nu-7 ("Hammer Down") rushes onto the scene, throwing a stun grenade into the frame.>

      <Violent noise and bright light, sound of gunshots and footsteps>

      <Several seconds later, the camera switches to emergency mode and the screen returns to normal. Sun Lianyu has invoked a defensive thaumaturgy, while Liu Wenyun is still aiming his gun at SCP-CN-2517-1.>

      Sun: Yan Xiao! If you can truly fly, show us right this instant!

      SCP-CN-2517-1: Thank you, Miss.. You were always— <audio quality lost>

      <A stray bullet hits Liu Wenyun in the back of the head, knocking him to the ground. At the same time, SCP-CN-2517-1 suffers several shots to the torso.>

      <SCP-CN-2517-1 stretches out his arms and jumps off the side of the building.>

      <Liu Wenyun gets up and points his weapons at MTF-Nu-7.>

      Liu: Yan, quick, fly away—<audio quality lost>


      [End Recording]

      Note: [The execution was successful. All other information has been redacted by the Overseer Council.]

      "You never, ever thought that you could, in fact, fly, right?

      "Well, it doesn't hurt to try.

      Jump. Try it."

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