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Item #: SCP-CN-2574

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As the task of monitoring the behavior of all humans worldwide at all times has been deemed impossible, and the object does not produce any change in Hume levels, prevention and containment of the anomaly is impossible to attain. As the circumstances of the deaths caused by the object are highly similar to those of non-anomalous suicides, coverup operations are similarly deemed impossible. The Foundation is currently monitoring suicide rates throughout the world, reserving the Ennui Protocol as a final measure, and carrying out long-term monitoring and planning.

Description: SCP-CN-2754 is a series of anomalous embellished emotional atmospheres, which eventually cause suicidal ideation and action in individuals or groups. As suicide is one of the major problems facing public health and mental health in today's society, and is itself driven by complex, long-term patterns of normal psychological activity, the first occurrence of SCP-CN-2574, and whether any given suicide is a result of normal psychological and social conditions or the anomaly, is impossible to determine at present.

SCP-CN-2574 is only defined through the Standard Foundation Anomalous Phenomena Definition Guide1 and Anomalous Mind-Affecting Threshold Standard.

Around the time of the event's occurrence, the affected subject will express a variety of negative emotions such as irritation, fear, sadness, etc. and eventually decide to end their own lives. It is unknown if SCP-CN-2574 possesses contagious properties, as witnessing the death of a human being can cause negative emotional effects.

Addendum: Partial list of confirmed SCP-CN-2574 incidents

Location Pax Suicide method
Beijing, China 2 Tearing open windpipe and inserting fingers, leading to death by asphyxiation
Shaanxi, China 1 Cutting off limbs and head, then throwing them into a pot of oil, leading to death by burns
Tennessee, USA 3 Over 10 self-administered gunshot wounds to the temple
New York, USA 120 Collectively lying on the ground and pressing themselves to the ground to the point of bone fracture
Chiba, Japan 3 Hiding in a freezer and locking the door, leading to death by hypothermia
Northern Ireland 2 Cutting self into pieces and placing them throughout the ritual formation in the center of the living room, leading to death by blood loss
Bangkok, Thailand 1 Removing skeleton from body, leading to death by starvation as the subject could not consume anything
Canberra, Australia 2 Severing body at waist and cooking and eating the lower half of his body, leading to death by blood loss
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