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Item #: SCP-CN-2601

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: One member of Class D personnel (currently D-5186) is to serve as a host for SCP-CN-2601. The object is to be encouraged to switch to a new host before the current host's monthly termination. The host is to be forbidden from direct physical contact with any personnel.

Description: SCP-CN-2601 is an incorporeal entity, the concrete details of which are unknown. The object is capable of symbiotically attaching to humans; however, how the object sustains itself is unknown.

SCP-CN-2601 is amicable; however, the anomaly is capable of altering its host's memories and is attached to this ability. See discovery records and addenda for further information.

Discovery Log:

Anomalous Incident Report

NAME: Chen ███




I discovered my memories were false.

It's not because I'm forgetful or anything. I remember very clearly spending a very happy childhood with both my parents, but just as I was about to call them and ask them how they were, I discovered my dad died before I was born. And my home conditions were definitely not as comfortable as what I "remembered".

What's worse, there's even more distinct discrepancies. In short, the differences between my memories and reality make me quite sure that my memories have undergone some deliberate alterations. Thinking about the possible causes makes me uneasy.

I request and authorize a full investigation of myself. If this turns out to just a psychiatric problem, that might actually be the best outcome.

DATE: 2021/5/13


Note: Urgency revised to "High". - 2021/5/22, Dr. George

As more attention was directed at these circumstances, a full investigation of Chen ███'s body was authorized and SCP-CN-2601 was later discovered within his body.

Chen ███ further stated that after the anomaly was discovered, the anomaly communicated with him by continuing to alter his memories1, expressing its shock at being discovered. Chen ███ successfully attempted to communicate with the anomaly by recalling these memories, and SCP-CN-2601 eventually agreed to an interview with Foundation personnel.

Addendum CN-2601-A - Interview Log:

Note: SCP-CN-2601 responded by altering Chen ███'s memories to include its responses to questions posed within said memories. Chen ███ transcribed the information in real time.

Interviewer: Dr. George

Interviewee: Chen ███ (SCP-CN-2601)

Information Obtained"

  • SCP-CN-2601 claims to be benign.
  • SCP-CN-2601 is capable of transferring itself between hosts through physical contact.
  • SCP-CN-2601 claims to be only able to affect the memories of its host.
  • SCP-CN-2601 claims to be able to "inhabit" all organisms, but prefers humans.
  • SCP-CN-2601 claims to have altered Chen ███'s memories in order to "give him a happy childhood".

[Dr. George was suspicious of the above claims during the interview]

  • It is unknown whether SCP-CN-2601 is the only one of its kind (object refused to respond).
  • It is unknown how many organisms SCP-CN-2601 has "inhabited" (object refused to respond).

Note: After further communication was not answered, SCP-CN-2601 was coerced into transferring itself into D-5186's body using the termination of both Chen ███ and itself as a threat. Containment procedures were subsequently established.

Note: An unknown entity that can change human memories, floating throughout human society… what does this mean? I think it goes without saying. I suggest expanding the scope of the anomaly to encompass the entity's species, raising the Object Class to Keter, and expanding containment operations.

— Dr. George

Addendum CN-2601.B: Researcher Note

Before it left my body, it left behind a piece of paper on a table in my memories. Every letter of this note is clearly burned into my mind.

I will transcribe its contents here, to serve as a reference. Please preserve this well.

— Chen ███
Thank you. Really.

I'm sorry. I must have caused you a lot of trouble.

I'll first answer the questions I was too scared to answer earlier. I don't know if there are any others like me. I've never encountered them. And this body of yours has been my 25,843rd home.

To be honest, I could just as happily have lived in my first home, waiting until she finally passed away, and peacefully, unconsciously float into another place. But as you already know, I have a symbiotic relationship with human memories; and I was affected by her memories.

Her childhood was tragic. Without feeling a single moment of love from her parents or the rest of her family, she was ostracized and laughed at for what I thought was no good reason. Fear, unease, depression, self-hatred — all these emotions plagued her entire childhood, like a terrible miasma.

This affected her all the way into the present. No one saw how many wounds and scars covered the back of this girl who seemed at ease. Not one. I couldn't understand it. I just couldn't. How could they have treated her like that? Where did the pleasant memories of love and care she should have had of her childhood go?

One day, she read in a book this phrase, which pierced my heart as well.

"Those who are lucky are always being healed by their childhood. Those who are unlucky always trying to heal their childhood."

…At that point, I made my move. To the best of my ability and conscience, I gave her that happy childhood she never had.

She changed. She really changed. You could see it.

But then I thought that perhaps there were more people like her, who never had that happy childhood… and I couldn't take it. From then on, I frequently moved between homes, trying my best to make changes — or rather, improvements.

It's a shame… I'm sorry, I went a bit too far with you. There were too many holes in the story, and you discovered me.

I'm sorry, I really am.

But I have no regrets.

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