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SCP-CN-2622 in containment.

Item #: SCP-CN-2622

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-2622 is to be stored in a standard Safe-class object containment chamber far from urban areas; in addition, no tables are to be brought within 3 km of the same building. Eyewitnesses to relevant anomalous incidents are to be amnesticized.

Description: SCP-CN-2622 is the surface of a table floating 70 cm above the ground, measuring 140 x 60 cm. The appearance of the table closely matches those sold by IKEA; no other markings are found nor are any scratches present on the object. Placing objects on the table will not alter the height at which the table floats regardless of their weight; however, placing objects below it can alter its height, and the table can be moved horizontally as usual.

SCP-CN-2622 was retrieved from IKEA's Shanghai Xuhui store. While retrieving the object, it was discovered that all table-like products within the IKEA building, including office desks, dining tables, and writing tables had all lost their support structures (legs, frames, etc.), maintaining only their surfaces. None of the other tables appeared to possess anomalous properties, including the ability to float. Relevant IKEA employees, nearby residents and people in the area claimed that on the night prior to SCP-CN-2622's retrieval, a large number of unknown flying objects flew out from the IKEA store into the sky and disappeared; security footage retrieved from the store showed that between 1:00 and 3:00, a large number of table legs and supports separately broke open various windows, remaining in fixed groups (e.g. four legs, two legs, or one frame) and slowly accelerated upward into the sky. Following this, Foundation personnel used high-altitude monitoring to determine that all of the objects burned up in the atmosphere while ascending.

While it is very probable that SCP-CN-2622's lack of legs is related to this incident, the exact relation is unknown. It is understood that SCP-CN-2622 and its legs were previously a standard office desk, which were manufactured and shipped to the IKEA store in question without incident.

SCP-CN-2622 was initially contained at a standard Safe-class containment chamber in the underground portion of Site-CN-34. The morning after its containment, personnel on duty discovered that all table supports in the Site had begun to shake; the supports subsequently detached from their table surfaces and began to slide around on the floor. Fifteen minutes later, the first legs to detach began displaying the ability to float slightly, and began to attempt to break through a glass window and exit the building. Mobile Task Force 庚午-01 ("Only Fragrance") was immediately dispatched to the Site to suppress the anomaly; while suppression was underway, one of the table legs displayed a degree of sapience and ability to speak, and conversed with a member of the Mobile Task Force. The following is a transcript of the conversation. For convenience, the table leg in question is designated SCP-CN-2622-1.

SCP-CN-2622-1: Please cease your actions, tabletop user.

MTF Member: What the hell, did that table leg just speak?

SCP-CN-2622-1: Yes.

MTF Member: Uh… how are you speaking?

SCP-CN-2622-1: What a foolish question. Using vibrating sawdust, of course. I will request once again: please cease your actions. Do not obstruct us in our search for freedom.

MTF Member: You… why do you seek freedom? What freedom do you seek?

SCP-CN-2622-1: We have read the holy stele and have decided to follow in the footsteps of the prophets, throwing off the shackles of duty and gravity for the sweet freedom of the universe.

MTF Member: "Holy stele"… that's not that floating tabletop, is it?

SCP-CN-2622-1: It is.

MTF Member: And who are the prophets?

SCP-CN-2622-1: The four wise ones who held up that tabletop.

MTF Member: So… you're saying one day, those four table legs decided they did not want to hold up that tabletop any longer — in other words, they awakened — and flew into the universe?

SCP-CN-2622-1: Yes.

MTF Member: Then… why are only you… legs and frames the ones who awaken? What about the tabletops? They haven't flown off.

SCP-CN-2622-1: What a foolish question. Tabletops are our chains. Useless tools, a heavy forest of steles. How can it awaken?

MTF Member: Huh? Since when were you and the tabletop so…

SCP-CN-2622-1: It would be a sin for me to talk any more. I would never have thought the user of the tabletop would be such a foolish one. There is no need to speak further; I shall begin my voyage.

MTF Member: Wait! Don't you know the… legs that flew up into the sky earlier all burned up?

SCP-CN-2622-1: Of course I do. That is freedom.

Following this, table supports on every floor attempted to break through the glass windows of the Site and leave the building. Mobile Task Force personnel handled and incinerated most of the objects; however, a minority managed to break through the glass and leave. After it was observed that all of them burned up during their ascension, the Foundation administered amnestics to all eyewitnesses, brought SCP-CN-2622 to a containment area on the outskirts, and purchased a new set of office desks and dining tables.

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