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MTF-己申-20 after coming under the effect of SCP-CN-2636

Special Containment Procedures

Owing to the fact that SCP-CN-2636's anomalous phenomenon has already come to the attention of most personnel at the Site, tracking down MTF-己申-20 has been declared a secondary priority.





Reports have shown that Site-CN-82-§ temporarily lost its anomalous properties on 2000/02/24, but regained them at 18:00 the same day.

The designation SCP-CN-2636 has been assigned to a series of anomalous phenomena surrounding MTF-己申-20 ("We") beginning in 1999 and continuing to the present. These anomalous phenomena include, but are not limited to:

  • The task force has left no traces of its existence in any Site, but all other personnel claim that they have discovered signs of the task force being active at the Site.
  • When the door to the task force's preparation room is closed, continued sounds of discussion can be heard from the interior; however, when the door is opened, the sounds abruptly stop.
  • All devices in the task force's preparation room are on; upon turning them off, leaving the room, and returning, the devices will have been returned to a powered state.
  • The electricity consumption of the task force's preparation room has not been included in the Site's electricity usage total.
  • The status of the task force is perpetually "on duty"; attempts to change them to "MIA", "KIA" or "awaiting orders" will be reverted to "on duty" after saving.
  • The security clearance of the task force is continuously changing; the lowest recorded is Level 2, while the highest is Level 6. The changes occur seemingly at random every few seconds, with no known pattern.
  • The status of all tasks assigned to the task force, save for the last, are set as "complete"; the last is still "in progress". Attempts to change them failed as with above. Site Director Jasper claims to not know the details of these tasks.
  • In all images relating to the task force, its members are universally colored in pitch black, rendering it impossible to determine the facial features or clothing. All members' names have been replaced with "N/A"; attempts to change them failed as with above.
  • Every mention of the task force's number has been amended to read "MTF-己申-20"; however, the source code of electronic documents retains the original number. Attempts to correct this have failed as with above.
  • Attempts to change the task force's designation from "MTF-己申-20" to "SCP-CN-2636" have failed as with above.

For further information, please contact Site Director Jasper.

In an exploratory mission into Site-CN-82-§, five human cadavers were discovered in the interior. According to the on-site autopsy, all five died by suicide. The dogtags on the cadavers had been lost, and besides the clearly visible Foundation logo on their clothes, no clues to their identity were found.

An audio recording has been discovered in one of the corpses' shirt pockets; its length far exceeds the maximum length that can normally be stored in such a medium. Besides the corpses, no other entities were found. Five bullets were found, one in each of the five corpses, but no signs of the sixth or seventh bullets fired in the recording were found. Comparison between the shapes of the blacked out figures and the corpses revealed a 97.5% similarity, strongly implying that these are the corpses of the members of MTF-己申-20; one male member is missing.

Since the audio recording was uploaded, SCP-CN-2636 has not occurred.

Addendum A

Recording Log File

Date: 2000/2/24

Exploration Team: [DATA CORRUPTED]



Team Members: [DATA CORRUPTED]

Length: 9999:59:58

[Recording start]

[Unidentified voice]: (Laughing)

(Over a long period) [Unknown sounds]. Screams for help. Groans. Gunshots. Explosions. Shouting. Running. Impact sounds. Heavy breathing. Coughing. Laughing. Discussion. Collapsing. [Unknown sounds].

[Unidentified voice]: (Laughing)

Three male voices: Disgusting!

[Unidentified voice]: (Laughing) Yes.

Three female voices: Disgusting!

[Unidentified voice]: (Laughing) That's right.

Six voices: Disgusting!

[Unidentified voice]: (Laughing) Correct.

Six gunshots in succession. Sounds of bodies falling over.

[Unidentified voice]: (Laughing) As expected.

A seventh gunshot.

Angry shouting. Sound of something falling over. Flesh tearing. Eating. Chewing. Swallowing. Heavy breathing.

A normal, weak male voice: I will make sure they discover us… I promise…


"Faraway Swallow"1: What is this place?

"Misty Swallow": The underground part of the Site. Look, there are chains here.

Sound of walking.

"Crimson Swallow": There's a pile of… thaumaturgical arrays and reality anchors, like it was sealing away something. (sound of hand striking something) Strange, all the devices here are still working. It's warm, too, like it's just been turned off.

"Faraway Swallow": Five corpses, dead of gunshots to the head. Time of death, umm… why do their life terminals say "416 days ago"?

"Crimson Swallow": Given the way their holding their guns… It was—

"Misty Swallow": A suicide.


"Misty Swallow": Look, an audio tape.

[End Recording]

Postscript: Continuing their operation, MTF-辛未-10 "Flower-Stepping Swallows" did not face any obstruction in their tasks and successfully left Site-CN-82-§. The reason is unknown.

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