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Item Number:SCP-CN-2677

Object Class:N/A

Special Containment Procedures: None.

Description:SCP-CN-2677 is a ℵK-Class Scenario "Shattered and Disintegrated", which — will — have exterminated all life forms on Earth.

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[Alla awareness detected, document unlocked]

Welcome, Broken God.



IE-2677-2 SCP-CN-2677-2 recovered by GOI-004 "Church of the Broken God" after the event

Special Containment Procedures [Archived]: Dispatch 4 6 8 12 Mobile Task Forces to observe the movement of SCP-CN-2677. Class-A amnestic sprays are sprayed on a large scale in 4 6 8 12 cities where SCP-CN-2677 lives every 3 months. If new SCP-CN-2677 appears, the special containment procedures will be updated according to the situation. And establish Site-CN-920 affiliated to the Overseer Council, directly led by O5-5, to use anomalous means to analyze the impact of SCP-CN-2677 on the curtain.

Special Containment Procedures [updated on 2022/02/09]: A mobile task force is dispatched to search for SCP-CN-2677. If a new SCP-CN-2677 appears, the news will be informed to GOI-004 "Church of the Broken God". And establish Site-CN-920 under the Overseer Council of the Foundation, directly led by O5-5, use abnormal means to analyze the impact of SCP-CN-2677 on the curtain.

Special Containment Procedures [Updated on 2022/05/12]: After the IE-2677-2 incident, the original containment procedures were invalidated. MTF-WAN Mobile Task Force ("MTF-WAN-1~120 ("Machine Hunter 1~120")") will begin the purge plan of GOI-004 "Church of the Broken God".

Special Containment Procedures [Updated on 2022/06/02]: SCP-CN-2677-Ω does not exist, no further containment procedures are required.

Description: SCP-CN-2677 is a collective designation for a type of anomalous entity, so far 4 6 8 12 have been discovered. The entity possesses a strong protective electromagnetic field and abnormal electrical discharge capabilities and mechanical construction, and ignores physical matter. SCP-CN-2677 can transform normal humans into SCP-CN-2677. The preconditions required for such transformations are currently unknown.

SCP-CN-2677-Ω is the apex multifunctional entity "Broken God" believed by GOI-004 "Church of the Broken God". After the discovery of the first SCP-CN-2677, GOI-004 leader Robert Bumaro has contacted the Foundation for a cooperative containment plan. According to Bumaro, SCP-CN-2677 was blessed by the Broken God. The number of the Broken God has been confirmed as SCP-CN-2677-Ω.

[Updated on 2022/06/02]: SCP-CN-2677-Ω does not exist. ℵK-Class Scenario "Shattering and Disintegration" has occurred. Humanity is being relocated to the concept-only fortress.

[Number of Existing Humans: 0]

See the appendix for more information.


[End of record]

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