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Item #: SCP-CN-2699 Level 3 1
Object Class: Safe Euclid Neutralized Public


SCP-CN-2699-1-23, a functional magic wand. Placed on top of SCP-CN-2699-1-18, a non-anomalous empty book.

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-CN-2699 has been neutralized, the containment procedures are no longer in effect. See Addendum E.

Description: SCP-CN-2699 is an anomalous one-sixteenth-folio book, measuring 710mm x 1000mm, with no page numbers. It is estimated through observing the exterior that there are approximately 300 pages. The paper itself is non-anomalous and can be physically damaged.

The text on the cover is as follows:

Harry Potter

and the After-Reading Revision Questions

by Harry Potter

The background of the image displays the titular protagonist of the Harry Potter series, holding a book whose cover is not visible1 and studiously reading from it. The image of Harry Potter possesses sentience and is capable of movement on the cover; its movement has not exceeded the bounds of the cover.

When the book is opened by a human, text will slowly manifest within. All text manifested by the page consists of questions relating to magic in the Harry Potter series, with one question on each page. The contents of the questions appear to be random.

After a new question is displayed, the reader can choose whether or not to answer it. Declining to answer will cause the object to immediately close and remain unopenable through any physical means for the next 4 days. The reader can use pencil or pen to write their answer below the question on the same page. If the answer is correct, the object will produce an artifact (SCP-CN-2699-1) to the reader; currently recorded SCP-CN-2699-1 include a fully functional magic wand capable of casting spells found in the Harry Potter series (see image, SCP-CN-2699-1-23) and other Harry Potter-related paraphernalia. If the answer is incorrect, a line of red text will slowly appear in a corresponding location and cover up the incorrect answer. It has been confirmed that the red text is the correct answer to the question.

The answered questions given by SCP-CN-2699 include 24 questions on spellcasting2, 17 questions on potions, 10 questions on anomalous organisms, and 92 other questions. Some of the content is of great use to the Foundation's research; as such, experimentation has been specially allowed. See Addendum II.

Addendum I: Recovery Log.

On 20██/02/11, a civilian purchased a copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix from a bookstore in ███████. Upon reaching home, he found that the book had transformed into SCP-CN-2699. After he returned to the bookstore and argued with the owner, the incident was discovered by the media. The Foundation immediately intervened, administered amnestics and retrieved the object. A sheet of non-anomalous vellum was discovered in the book, with the following contents:

Dearest Harry,
Time really flies, but I hope you still remember those days we spent together. Our experiences have been written into another world's novels, though we don't know who told them about it — perhaps it was a traveling wizard. But you must have heard, right? Of course, I really hope magic doesn't exist in those other worlds. It would cause chaos in their lives, and ours too.
We send you this book, in hopes that you can be happy and warmly remember the memories we have made along the way. I hope to see your smile again. Friendship is pure, and we hope it stays that way.

Missing you,
your friends

Addendum III: Other Information.

Site-CN-91 Yearly Report (Excerpt)
… Besides the aforementioned problem with the Site's containment facilities, I want to say that our research has fallen behind the GOC's by quite a lot. This has already gotten to a point that I cannot ignore. We need new thaumaturgical talent, or else we will find it very difficult to gain the upper hand when confronting the GOC and other Groups of Interest. The Thaumaturgy Department has already begun a new round of recruitment, and personnel who meet the requirements are free to apply to be transferred.

Researcher Abe Slane's notebook

  • Determine the anomalous qualities of all SCP-CN-2699-1 - the Thaumaturgy Department is very interested
  • Site-CN-91 management needs a full SCP report
  • Protect SCP-CN-2699. Find out who that Harry who always answers is, and where he is
  • Quickly reply to the O5s

International Center for the Study of Unified Thaumatology: The Current Completeness of Thaumatological Theory (Excerpt)
… In other words, magic? Wizarding? I trust that all of you have already heard of it, yes? You must have read J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. What I'd like to say is that the story described in these novels may very well have happened in reality.
Of course, I have not said that this magic exists in this universe, but in a parallel one. I believe an understanding of this "magic" will very likely help us complete our thaumaturgical theory. In the end, magic and thaumaturgy all come from the same roots — in other words, magic is that universe's thaumaturgy. I think, if they could properly study this "wizarding" magic, then their thaumaturgical development would be much faster.
Or, perhaps, thaumaturgy and magic can make different sparks; I've noticed that some Foundation sites might have started looking into it, but I can't confirm it. It's a "maybe".

Addendum IV: Incident Log.

On 20██/03/21, an explosion occurred in Site-CN-91's testing area. While various structures sustained damage and collapsed, no personnel were injured. Following cleanup, it was discovered that the center of the explosion was SCP-CN-2699-1-98, a flying broomstick as described in the novels. The artifact showed signs of thaumaturgical alteration; however, the Thaumaturgy Department did not have any records of such a test being requested. Investigation has been terminated by O5 request.

Addendum V: Neutralization Log.

// On 20██/11/12, SCP-CN-2699 disappeared during testing. At the time, the question given was "Where did this book of after-reading revision questions come from?" The answer was "From my friends. It was my birthday present. I must really thank them, since it was thanks to this that I recalled the time I spent at Hogwarts. But you, you only know to use this for your personal gain. Do you really know// friendship?" Following this, the book automatically flipped to the last page5, on which was attached a photograph of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, the images of which displayed sapience and maintained smiling faces. By the time the Mobile Task Force arrived, SCP-CN-2699 had disappeared.

Following several days of investigation, the object was deemed Neutralized, as the object and photograph were discovered at a park bench. Following testing, research personnel came to the conclusion that SCP-CN-2699 had lost all anomalous properties and become a normal book. One non-anomalous letter was delivered to Site-CN-91's Director's Office by non-anomalous owl; its contents are as follows:

I think I'll take this book back now. You've looked at it for a while, have you not? And you haven't used it right, either. Oh, how I wish I could cast a joyful spell on myself. Hermione never took that class, but I think she should have made up for it long ago.

The reason for SCP-CN-2699's neutralization is unknown. The object may have been transferred to another parallel universe; the retrieved book may simply be a replica. Further information necessitates investigation; possible relevant narrative changes are being prepared.

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