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Item #: SCP-CN-2701

Object Class: Ticonderoga1-Supernus2

Special Containment Procedures: Observation of the anomaly is to be carried out by Site-CN-10-α; an improved monitoring site is being built in the deep space of the Solar System.

All Secret-IV type Thaumaturgical Space Observation Telescopes have ceased production and production lines are awaiting orders. All use of this type of telescope requires approval and verification, including that the telescopes and all subsequent enhancements may not be sold, provided or transferred to entities or organizations outside of the Foundation.

Due to SCP-CN-2701's properties, there is no need to consider the containment of the object. In view of the Foundation's power, it is estimated that it is impossible to contain this object within the next 100 years. The current focus of containment is to increase the Foundation's space combat and defense strength, which has been deemed to be the best containment measure.

Description: SCP-CN-2701 is a stellar replacement phenomenon only visible when using S-VI-██ Thaumaturgy. Due to the limited acuity of the human eye, only Secret-IV type Space Observation Telescopes can observe SCP-CN-2701. Currently, the only Secret-IV type telescope is Site-CN-10-α's Chengde Space Observatory.

When using S-VI-██ Thaumaturgy or implements using S-VI-██ Thaumaturgy, SCP-CN-2701 causes a portion of all celestial objects (such as stars, planets and moons) outside the Solar System to be replaced with various combat units (here designated SCP-CN-2701-1), mostly divided into space carriers (-1-1), space defense ships (-1-2) and interstellar attack ships (-1-3).

The number and arrangment of SCP-CN-2701-1 completely match those of celestial bodies observed normally. Observations have shown that the state and mode of movement of SCP-CN-2701-1-1, -1-2 and -1-3 match their corresponding celestial bodies completely. All SCP-CN-2701-1-1 produce an identical amount of light to their corresponding celestial bodies when moving; however, this does not affect observation and is thought to be a byproduct of their propulsion method.

Threshold Research Report (Excerpt)

After eight years of waiting, we have not received any form of response. Observation data remains within the normal threshold. As such, we believe that SCP-CN-2701-1 may be in an abandoned state. We are planning to launch a spaceship with a continuous time channel, equipped with two anomalies in long-term self-contained anomalies and a medium-level autonomous robot, towards SCP-CN-2701-1-1-[DATA EXPUNGED].

Due to current constraints, a crewed spaceship is still under research.


Zenerry: A week ago, the Spacetime Research Department noticed one of the SCP-CN-2701-1 in an abnormal state while using the Chengde Space Observatory. The details are in this video.


Darry: Is this abnormal?

Zenerry: Yes, we've never had reports of any SCP-CN-2701-1 flashing with such a pattern before. Even if it's only one, and it only did so for a short time, we can still get some information… In other words, nothing too surprising, I think you'll have seen it.

Darry: Are they only replying now? That message, those tests, how long ago were they?

Zenerry: Our first EM transmission was 38 years ago. The launch of that spaceship loaded with anomalies was 25 years ago. We lost contact seven years ago — even if they sent data back in the Site's direction twenty years ago, for reasons relating to its flight path, the time between transmissions has become longer and longer. No one's looked at the remaining data since then. Darry, that original research team has been dissolved, and the original Deep Space Exploration Department head — the only one with a direct hand in the matter — died in a containment breach. You're the last person left who was involved in the matter.

Darry:[tapping on the table] ... . -.-. ..- .-. . -.-. --- -. - .- .. -. .--. .-. [stops tapping]……


Darry: If my knowledge from the military is still correct… that's…

Zenerry: Is that their response to our initial message?

Darry: No, I think that's our spaceship's response…

Darry/Zenerry: Secure Contain Protect?

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Fuckfuckfuck, how did we not realize this sooner? Those ships aren't empty at all! Why were they so eager to dissolve our research group? There's a decades-long discontinuity—

2020.8-SCP-CN-2701-Image.jpg (37.65 GB)

They, all the SCP-CN-2701-1, maybe even their attached ships, we don't know because we don't have the acuity, they all changed their orientation but not their position. I don't know why all the ships all turned to face us, but if that light is from their engines…

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