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Item #: SCP-CN-2719-J

Object Class: Waifu

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-2719-J's Containment Director is to maintain SCP-CN-2719's assignment to the object itself.

Description: SCP-CN-2719-J is a variable abstract-metaphysical construct pointer. SCP-CN-2719-J is available to personnel who are both sapient and biological for the assignment of their own "waifu" to a non-humanoid concept and a metaphysical intercourse with it, which may have an unpredictable impact. Any damage (including property, physical, or mental) suffered by personnel is at their own risk.


Assistant Researcher Octanol's shaver, with a charging port at the bottom.


Unknown food in the fridge of the site cafeteria, later confirmed the corpse of SCP-006-J.

Experimental Data: The following operations were performed by Assistant Researcher Octanol.
Pointer Outcome
2008 Opel Astra Original assignment of SCP-CN-2719-J. Operator unknown.
Assistant Researcher Octanol's Pillow Success. Subject delighted.
Assistant Researcher Octanol's Shaver Success. Subject distressed, applying for medical leave.
An Aquafina Brand Water Bottle Success. Subject later claims to ride SCP-682. Psychological examination arranged.
A Pistol Collected in a Field Operation Success. Subject scores slightly lower on the next day's Foundation Loyalty Test.
[DATA EXPUNGED]'s Orange Cat1 Uncertain. Subject insists on SCP-CN-2719-J's assignment to a postbox, until being administered a Class A amnestic.
K█tori Minami Success. Subject later attacked by several employees on his way to the site cafeteria.
Unknown Food in the Fridge of the Site Cafeteria Success. Subject forced to experiment by the above-mentioned employees. Subject disgusted and reporting intestinal distress.
Intestinal Distress Success. Reason as above. Subject later rescued by the regarding security.
SCP-835-JP Request denied. Subject warned once due to his attempt of testing with other SCP objects.
SCP-682 Request denied. Subject shown around the D-Class barracks that day.
C8H17OHC8H17OH Failure. swn001-1 entity confirmed human or humanoid.2
SCP-CN-2719-J Success. Subject claims to have found his true love and openly deletes all his female peers' photos and contact information in his cellphone.

A proposal to assign personnel with fetishism to the research of the object in order to alleviate the possible suffering of personnel and improve the morale of the Foundation is being processed.

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