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Item#: CN-2740
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Site Director Head Researcher Assigned Task Force
Site-CN-11-β Dr.Tharte Dr.Chen MTF-丙寅-12 "Player One"

Special Containment Procedures: All 18 currently contained mobile devices on which SCP-CN-2740 is present are stored in Unit-89 of Underground Low-Threat Anomaly Containment Area B-2 at Site-CN-11-β, stored in cast resin with batteries removed. SCP-CN-2740 has been removed from the app store. Monitoring for further uploads of SCP-CN-2740 by malicious actors is underway. Personnel not involved in experiments with SCP-CN-2740 may not access it. MTF-丙寅-12 is currently placing all individuals affected by SCP-CN-2740 in isolation pending release after amnesticization. Members of the public in the location where SCP-CN-2740 was discovered are being administered amnestics with the goal of removing all relevant memories of SCP-CN-2740.

Description: SCP-CN-2740 is an anomalous version of the PC video game Minecraft. A large proportion of the content of SCP-CN-2740 is identical to the standard version of the game. Copies of SCP-CN-2740 maintain their anomalous properties. The anomaly is capable of perceiving the real world, presenting different effects when being played by different people:

  1. If the user has not previously played any standard version of Minecraft, the resulting anomalous effect is referred to as CN-2740-A.
  2. If the user has recently played a standard version of Minecraft, no anomalous effects will occur.
  3. If the user has previously, but not recently, played a standard version of Minecraft, the resulting anomalous effect is referred to as CN-2740-B.

For further information, refer to the following:

  • CN-2740-A: When a subject runs SCP-CN-2740, they will immediately undergo anomalous changes in their mental state, gaining a mild dependence on SCP-CN-2740. When not prevented from doing so, subjects will spend 2-5 hours a day using SCP-CN-2740. Following investigation, when the subject is requested to stop using SCP-CN-2740, their psychological state will undergo significant changes, often displaying signs of antisocial behavior, irritability, and moodiness. Conversely, when the subject is not prevented from using SCP-CN-2740, they do not undergo the same effects. During experiments, subjects have expressed a desire for companionship, loneliness, a desire to be with family, etc. These anomalies naturally abate when the subject defeats the Ender Dragon1 and reads the End Poem2. Of note is that the psychological effects of the anomaly will immediately cease at this point, regardless of severity.
  • CN-2740-B: When a subject runs SCP-CN-2740, the contents of the anomaly will differ significantly from any standard version of Minecraft. Differences include passive villager entities possessing a certain intelligence and capability to interact with the player, and a significant reduction in difficulty:
    • The player will not drop their items upon death, even without using commands.
    • Some hostile entities3 will not attack the player while within player-constructed buildings.
    • Tameable entities4 are easier to tame than in any standard version of Minecraft.
    • Crops planted by the player will grow faster than in any standard version of Minecraft.
  • It is currently unknown whether this has any anomalous effect on the user.

Addendum CN-2740:

Experiment Notice: According to investigation and experimentation on the text8, the Foundation suspects that the SCP-CN-2740 anomaly resulted from the effects of the anomaly in Addendum 2740.2. Research into this anomaly has been unsuccessful; however, it is believed that it exists within SCP-CN-2740 and possesses sentience and the ability to control SCP-CN-2740. Due to the contents of the dialogue, this type of software should be monitored to ensure that anomalies can be detected quickly.
— Dr. Xinfei

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