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Item #: SCP-CN-2752

Object Class: Malkuth1 Original2-Potissimi3//Movement4

Item Level: OS(Origin of Species)

Threat Level: ◉Red

System Classification: [REDACTED], currently regulated to the classified classified area.

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-CN-2752 is to be kept on the fourth basement level of the left wing of Site-CN-82-α, in Containment Unit 3, Room 27. The containment cell in which the object is located should not be made of any metal; rubber is currently considered the best available material.

With the containment room as the center, there should not be any internally powered metal equipment within a radius of 100 meters; at the same time, it is guaranteed that if an item is found accidentally out of containment, Unit 3 should be closed immediately, and the unit's power supply should be turned off at the same time to prevent SCP-CN -2752 Creates or modifies instruments, creates new instances of SCP-CN-2752-A.

The relevant containment team should immediately activate the magnetization device to eliminate the threat to the offspring of the object, and at the same time, when the magnetization device is working, it should break into Unit 3 to contain SCP-CN-2752.

The following are notes for relevant containment teams:

  • When entering, it should not carry any metal objects with it.
  • Each action should be guaranteed for no more than 5 minutes (this is the maximum working time of the magnetizing device); if it is found that the action time is insufficient, it should exit the No. 3 unit 30 seconds in advance, and break in again after confirming that the magnetizing device is reactivated.
  • If any personnel are found missing or dead during the operation, they should be directly marked as "KIA", and the relevant containment team should continue to carry out recontainment operations.
  • Once the exposed core of the project is discovered, it should be destroyed immediately. This action will theoretically cause the object to lose its anomalous properties This action will cause the object to temporarily cease functioning until its self-healing core is over.


Due to the error in the operation, Dr. Leo has been confirmed dead in the follow-up operation. The core of the project was severely damaged for unknown reasons. The re-repair time is estimated to be 102 days.

This event resulted in the near-neutralization of the object, with all instances of SCP-CN-2752-A completely incapacitated. The relevant research team is currently analyzing the phenomenon.


Pictured is SCP-CN-2752 repairing its core.


SCP-CN-2752 is an anomalous metal machine, the source of power is currently unknown, and it is suspected to be self-powered. The core of the object is a spherical high-EVE particle core that continuously emits red-yellow light, and is wrapped by multiple metal iron sheets when closed. There are sixteen brown-red tentacles wrapped in rubber on the side of the object, and there are metal wires in them that cannot be counted; there is an abnormal interface-like object at the bottom of each tentacle, and a number of needle-like retractable objects.

Project activities are irregular. After it is activated, its tentacles will immediately approach the nearest metal device and connect to it; the connected device will be numbered "SCP-CN-2752-A", which is the child of the project; the internal structure of the child of the project will be When unnatural changes occur, the position of components on the original chip will be moved or destroyed, and new abnormal components will appear, which is similar to the chip circuit of the offspring.

The new SCP-CN-2752-A will show obvious morphological changes. For example, after some instruments are connected, the appearance will take on the appearance of canine creatures, and show similar biological habits; such changes are related to the object. The size of the connected device, internal components, internal chip structure, size and quantity of components are directly related.


Pictured is SCP-CN-2752-A in spider form (enlarged)

All progeny of the subject have displayed an extreme dislike of flora and fauna, and have attempted to destroy any living plants they can find. It is worth noting that SCP-CN-2752 does not seem to have any interest in animals and plants, i.e. it does not actively harm/attack any kind of plants and animals; however, when the object finds that the core is attacked but not completely destroyed, It will actively close the metal iron sheet, and at the same time retract its tentacles to attack the nearest animal and plant entities; at this stage, the child of the project will appear "inertia", and will actively abandon the attack target, and at the same time move closer to the project to protect the project.

After the project core is destroyed, some project children will actively dismember to zero components, which has been proved to effectively improve the repair speed of the project.

SCP-CN-2752 will deform some of its offspring for a period of time after development, and exhibit a factory-like spatial structure. Some project offspring search for new metal instruments and bring them back to generate new project offspring; at the same time, with the project as the center, underground metal deposits are produced and processed in the factory through abnormally high EVE particle radiation. New project children.

Items do not actively go dormant when activated, i.e. the only way an item can be shut down is to destroy its core; however, the location of the item's core is not much protected for unknown reasons. When SCP-CN-2752 completely enters a dormant state, the function of the offspring of the project will also drop significantly, and they will try to stay away from the human entity as much as possible; at this stage, the offspring of the project will show physiological habits, except for the type of food they eat and their excretion. Besides, it is no different from a normal creature. After the core of the project is repaired, it will not be directly reactivated, and the activation mechanism is still unknown.


Pictured is the mining structure as SCP-CN-2752 was originally discovered.
Fully autonomous operation.

Addendum A:

Item was originally discovered on April 11, 1921, in northeastern Asia, along the Russian frontier coast. At that time, according to the description of local civilians, they found many creatures with mechanical structures, such as mechanical fish, mechanical cows, etc., and also found trees composed of machines, all of which were consistent with the biological habits of the corresponding species, and were found on the plains. A massive, unmanned mining machine.

Most civilians were attacked by project offspring. On April 12, 1921, the Foundation confirmed the location of the object and proceeded to contain it immediately. Due to the unusual nature of the project, many mobile task forces were affected by the guns, heavy firepower weapons and communication equipment they carried and became the offspring of the project, which directly led to personnel KIA.

After Dr. Leo proposed to install a magnetizing device to interfere with the operation of the project and its progeny, while using a dagger made of tempered glass to destroy the project's offspring and its core. It is worth noting that in the subsequent containment operations, the tentacles and their cores exhibited self-healing ability, confirming the anomalous nature of the item; at the same time, it overturned Dr. cause the project to be invalidated" view. Dr. Leo set up a targeted research team after this incident, dedicated and independent research project specific anomalous properties.


The picture shows the large-scale open-air mechanical structure formed after the project expands to the surface in Site-CN-82-α. Significant changes in the geological structure can be observed.

Addendum B:

On March 4, 1925, the project was activated, resulting in a regional XK-class scenario assimilation with a small-scale mechanical structure. The accident caused the underground facilities of Unit 3 to be completely remodeled, and a large number of anomalies breached containment. A total of 34 mobile task forces KIA, after the magnetization device was affected, became the offspring of the project with the ability to radiate directional magnetic waves, which greatly increased the difficulty of containment.

On March 12, the underground took on a factory-like structure, and new project offspring continued to appear.

On March 15th, Dr. Leo used a Level 5 permission card to open the gate of the path without authorization and then entered the underground, and completely sealed the gate from the inside.

On March 16th, it was found that the offspring of the free item exhibited inertia and completely stopped functioning after 7 minutes. After blasting the gate and entering the underground, it was found that the underground was completely transformed into a mechanical structure, the geology was replaced with machinery and showed a trend of expansion, and the observable project offspring were completely inactivated. On the afternoon of the same day, a mobile task force entered Unit 3 on the fourth underground floor and found the object and the body of Dr. Leo, who had died.

The autopsy report indicated that Dr. Leo died of brain death, with no damage to his body or other organs of any kind. The core of the project is tightly closed, emitting a faint yellowish light, and there are no other objects in the interior except the corpse, the project, and its descendants. Although there is currently no evidence that Dr. Leo's death had anything to do with the temporary neutralization of the project, Dr. Leo has been posthumously awarded the title of "Foundation Star" by the Foundation.

Addendum C: The following is an excerpt from the report after Dr. Leo was dissected.

[Due to suspected ethical issues, this piece of data has been deleted], Dr. Leo has a semi-mechanical structure in his body, the reason is unknown.

Addendum D:

The mining machinery formed by the original project and the original SiteCN-82-α underground are currently in use, and a large amount of mineral deposits have been obtained from them. Site-CN-82-α was transferred to Shanghai, China.

The offspring of the project will become mechanical bionic structures after being analyzed, and may join the mobile task force to become detectors depending on the situation. A mobile task force composed entirely of humanoid mechanical bionic constructs to reduce human casualties.

In light of the above, SCP-CN-2752 can be exploited by the Foundation to a certain extent.

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