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A typical location in which SCP-CN-2781 can occur. Located in a dormitory in Site-CN-75-B; currently renovated.

Item #: SCP-CN-2781

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-CN-2781 can occur anywhere in the world, there is no way of directly containing it. The Foundation is currently marking all buildings that can incur SCP-CN-2781. If the building is already in use, a Type-B memetic module is to be installed nearby to drive away unrelated people and renovations are to be conducted in the name of "engineering renewal"; if the building is still under construction, personnel are to be dispatched to modify the blueprints and construction accordingly.

Foundation webcrawlers are deployed to detect information related to SCP-CN-2781 on the internet and perform relevant countermeasures.

Description: SCP-CN-2781 is a phenomenon that can affect the human body, which occurs when the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • The time is between 8 pm and 4 am;
  • The subject is in a room at the end of a corridor in a home or office, with a door on the left, on the right, and in front of the subject;
  • The corridor's lights are off, and the three doors are closed or ajar.

In addition, the chance of SCP-CN-2781 occurring is highest if one of the three doors leads to a toilet, and the subject exits the toilet through that door.

After SCP-CN-2781 occurs, the subject will become an instance of SCP-CN-2781-1. A tightly-packed arrangement of doors will manifest on both sides of the corridor, and the far end of the corridor will be obscured by darkness; in all recordings, there is no way to reach the end of the corridor. If the subject attempts to call for help, SCP-CN-2781's anomalous effects will respond in a certain manner. The following are some recorded actions that trigger SCP-CN-2781's response:

-1 instance action SCP-CN-2781 response
Loudly calling for a person A voice can faintly be heard from the far end of the corridor; the voice's tone is identical to that of the person being called
Checking their wristwatch Time rewinds after each second, accelerating to the point where time reverses one minute after each second
Turning on a flashlight Doors illuminated by the flashlight become white walls, turning back into doors after the flashlight is removed
Running down the corridor The sound of footsteps will slowly approach the subject from behind
Taking out a mobile phone The phone will vibrate and ring at maximum volume; the screen will be pure white at maximum brightness and the phone will not respond to input
Taking out toilet paper or paper towels The paper will be soaked with water and possibly have a strange smell
Taking out a pen When taken out, the pen will point upward, and mark the hand with a green fluorescence that cannot be erased
Attempt to open a newly manifested door Subject's hand will be stuck to the door, after which [REDACTED]

If the subject returns to one of the original three doors after SCP-CN-2781 occurs, they will be returned to baseline reality and all anomalies caused by SCP-CN-2781 will revert. However, all subjects reported night terrors and insomnia the night after encountering SCP-CN-2781.

Addendum: In some cases, people attempting to open a locked space that has been obstructed for a long time near an ongoing SCP-CN-2781 event may encounter anomalous obstruction when opening the door. It is not known how this phenomenon relates to SCP-CN-2781.

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