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A Length of Characters Used to Record the Object: SCP-CN-2806

Evaluation Criteria by Which the Object is Designated: A Little Worrying, But Still Acceptable

Method That Helps Preserve the Object: The object is to be stored in a special slick vault designed to prevent eruptive threats or stimulable objects. Without the approval of leaders, it is not recommended for staff members to go near the object.

By the way, we are always to keep a length of characters that is slick enough as well.

Further Knowledge of the Object: The object generally resembles a visually round object in appearance. If we feel it, we will find it very soft, smooth to touch.

It has some amazing influential properties. Anyone who attempts to unveil the object can only softly use some gentle, vague, slippery words to analyze about the object.

If we do not do so, the object will get stimulated and undergo some changes.

The object's slippery surface will become firm after stimulation, appearing as red as an orange. We have applied some scientific means and found that the object is fermenting a quite tough eruptive threat.

Some among us guess that, if the energy within the object is totally released, it will lead to an influence on a very large area around the object, which people cannot bear to see. It is really a very large area.

At the moment, if you read a long and gentle written record next to the object, it will effectively alleviate this situation.

When we found the object and brought it back to its new place, we also found a note.

Make the world a better place.

Are we cool yet?

—AWCY Dry Humour Squad

On the back of the note is another sentence.

I like omelets, but I don't hate French fries.

You've got it again?

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