Item Number:SCP-CN-2832

Object Class:Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures:According to the current containment protocol, the area around SCP-CN-2832 has established a blockade on the grounds of unstable cliffs, prohibiting the public and unauthorized personnel from entering its range. The use of SCP-CN-2832 is prohibited, and the files in SCP-CN-2832 have been recovered as much as possible.


SCP-CN-2832 A room on the second floor of the basement, the interior has been Cleared for temporary accommodation of Foundation personnel, traces of dark red liquid still visible on the floor. The red pipe is the non-anomalous part of the underground Riemannian transmission pipe.

Description:SCP-CN-2832 is a large underground facility located in the southern foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal, and its above-ground entrance has collapsed. A bronze nameplate was unearthed near the entrance, with the inscription on the front in six different characters "SCP Foundation Department of Anomalies - Ah The words Kani Zhatian Agreement" and a Foundation logo, it is speculated that this nameplate is related to the project.

SCP-CN-2832 extends to 2km underground, its internal structure is highly similar to SCP-2000, the building collapsed severely, Most of the equipment has been abandoned or destroyed, and the floor and walls are covered with a dark red to black viscous liquid, in which blood and human and various animal tissue components were detected. A large number of human remains can be seen throughout the interior of the object, some of which are wearing damaged but recognizable Foundation uniforms, and some of which are equipped with standardized weapons of destroyed Foundation Mobile Task Forces. Another portion of the skeleton has humanoid features, but the upper extremity bones are unusually elongated and have more than one pair.

There are 500,000 Bright/Zartion human replicators in the basement 2 of the facility, but only a small number are still intact, and the interior is completely filled with the aforementioned dark red viscous liquid.

Compared with SCP-2000, SCP-CN-2832 has a newly added room on the third basement floor, which does not exist in the internal structure of SCP-2000. There is no visible entrance to the room, the only passage being formed by the collapse of one side of the wall. There are murals depicting ancient war scenes on the inner wall of the room. The murals on the opposite wall of the collapsed wall have different themes. They depict a nude woman with two pairs of arms, dark complexion, holding a weapon, spitting out blood and delivering it to the A male subject in a white research suit, both with their faces erased. A large number of human finger bones and skulls are inlaid on the murals, and human skull fragments and a gold-plated Indian-style machete about 20cm long with blood stains on the surface are scattered on the floor. The room is equipped with underground Riemannian transmission pipes for the transportation of raw materials, several arrays of conventional Foundation geothermal generators, and a sealed hollow metal cylinder.

The exterior of the cylindrical structure is painted black, and the surface is engraved with Sanskrit content that has been significantly worn and unreadable. The top and bottom of the structure are engraved with the Foundation logo. The three arrows on the two logos are represented by three human eyes looking towards the center and Three snake suborder (Serpentes) tongue replacements. Infrared observations show that there is a lumpy area inside the cylinder with a temperature as high as 1,500 degrees, compared with a temperature of only about 15 degrees on the surface of the cylinder. Personnel approaching the structure will experience feelings of constriction and panic, claiming to hear female screams from a distance, and persons remaining longer than 10 minutes will go into shock1.

In the center of the room are three discontinued Foundation-made MAHE-SVR.3 computing engines. The operating system uses Sanskrit and is in a locked state and cannot be used at present.

Appendix-CN2832.1. Exploration Record: On 1/2/2020, the Yellowstone and Human Continuity Committee entered SCP-CN-2832, trying to investigate the real function of the project. When the human replicator system was activated, a violent earthquake occurred inside SCP-CN-2832, but the project structure was not damaged. The location of the high-temperature area was scanned higher, and four continuously growing tentacle-like structures appeared around it, and began to twist and twist into several complex shapes.

The surviving human replicators began to function approximately 1 hour later. It was observed that human-like embryos were released from the Riemannian transmission tube into the interior of the red liquid. These embryos quickly absorbed the surrounding dark red liquid and developed rapidly in the process. After approximately 1 day, the human replicator produced 96 anomalous humanoids, and then stopped working.

The appearance of these anomalous individuals has the characteristics of Indo-Iranian ancestry, but they are thinner and taller, lack body hair, darker skin color, have a tongue that is tens of centimeters long and hang down from the mouth, and some individuals have additional pairs of unusually slender upper body. Instances began attacking Committee personnel immediately after leaving the culture chamber. The wounds they inflicted did not bleed, but the injured personnel displayed symptoms of acute blood loss. Some individuals have been observed licking the viscous liquid within the object.

After the production of the replicator is completed, one has been obviously damaged, and the upper surface is approximately square. The iron platform will rise from the bottom of the cylindrical structure and rise to the high temperature area, and then the tentacle structure around the area will be retracted. The iron platform descends back to the bottom, and the high-temperature area also descends to its original position. A subtitle appeared on the display screen of the MAHE-SVR.3 calculation engine, which read "Successive program completed, object stabilized", and after about 3 seconds, it switched to "Successive process terminated, object state is abnormal". Its specific meaning is unknown.

Except for 13 abnormal individuals that could not be found, the remaining individuals were escorted to a nearby site for containment. It is assumed that the remaining instances are currently still within the object.

Examination of the transmission pipes revealed multiple branches, mostly leading to other parts of the facility, powering various systems; the geothermal and magma circulation processors connected to the pipes were actually ineffective for heating.

Further exploration found that all covered branch pipelines lead to a vast underground cavity 3.24km underground in the Himalayas, and 80% of the space is flooded by an unknown type of black liquid. Field observers reported the liquid had an unusually pungent bloody smell and heard electronically synthesized female growls. Spatial scans have shown that there are multiple pipes at the bottom of the cavity leading deeper underground.

Appendix-CN2832.2. Status update:In the process of restarting SCP-2000 in January 2020, it was found that there is still a previously unknown huge underground building under the project, and there is an underground Riemannian transmission pipeline in one of the rooms The covered metal cylinder is in the same position as the same entity in SCP-CN-2832. Scanning found that its pattern is the same as the cylindrical structure in SCP-CN-2832, and there is a high-temperature area with similar properties. The actual capabilities of SCP-2000 are under investigation.

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