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Item #: SCP-CN-2835

Object Class: Sfae

Container Class: {Pending input}

Threat Class: ◉ Level 5


SCP-CN-2835. Where is this?

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-CN-2835 is a topological space, capable of holding at a total of 20 normal adult male humans in total. In addition to several facilities appearing in part to be beds, the space contains various unknown devices. Some of the devices are connected to my head, and I am trapped in the room and am not allowed to leave. A rhythmic whistling sound can be heard from the interior of the room, coming from an electronic device located at the top left of the bed, connected to the location where my heart is in my chest.

SCP-CN-2835-A is the collective designation for 11 humanoid entities, wearing white windbreakers with strange symbols on them consisting of three arrows pointing inward. Some of the entities constantly ask me about the names of high-ranking individuals in a certain Foundation, but seem disappointed when I elect not to respond. It is suspected that SCP-CN-2835-A come from an enemy faction and are attempting to obtain classified information on a certain Foundation through me.

SCP-CN-2835-B is a series of color photographs heavily related to SCP-CN-2835-A, displaying images of humanoid entities different in appearance from the 11 SCP-CN-2835-A, but wearing similar clothing. SCP-CN-2835-A constantly show me these entities' photographs and repeatedly ask whether I recognize the people in them, but when I repeatedly shake my head, they seem disappointed as well.

SCP-CN-2835-C is the collective designation for many humanoid entities, all of which are wearing white windbreakers. When they enter SCP-CN-2835, they do not seem to be particularly concerned with me, instead repeatedly adjusting the electronic device at the head of my bed. Of note is that SCP-CN-2835-C, upon obtaining unknown information from the electronic device, will report some information to SCP-CN-2835-A, using words like "5", "Mr." and "dementia" in their conversation. It is suspected that SCP-CN-2835-A and SCP-CN-2835-C have a supervisor-subordinate relationship.

Even though I am safe and sound within SCP-CN-2835, with all necessary nutrition, clothing and entertainment provided by SCP-CN-2835-C, I still believe I am being confined within the anomaly. This document will be uploaded to the Foundation database, in hopes that the Foundation will rescue me. I will succeed.


{Pending input}



"I'm sorry, sir, we've tried our best. O5-1's dementia is considered late-stage by now. That he's still able to understand that he's being confined in here is already a miracle."

"Is there nothing else you can do?"

"All we can do is continue and watch O5-1's illness worsen. Alzheimer's is incurable, I'm sure you know that more than anyone. O5-1 isn't suitable for the O5 position any more."

"Ah… What a shame."

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