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Item #: SCP-CN-2878

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, as containment of SCP-CN-2878 is difficult, Site-CN-81's Information Management and Safety Department shall filter the Internet for relevant information every three months. Owing to the low probability of discovering SCP-CN-2878, the Foundation has elected not to carry out further containment.

Description: According to currently available information, SCP-CN-2878 is conjectured to be an anomalous phenomenon caused by Culex mosquitoes throughout the world.

When one or more Culex mosquitoes is killed by a human subject using any part of their body, SCP-CN-2878 has a 3.7% chance of occurring within the next 10 to 30 seconds. At this point, the eardrum of the subject will begin to autonomously vibrate, sending information to the brain. The information produced by SCP-CN-2878 is fixed and consists of "the wings of some kind of mosquito buzzing while flying back and forth"; the killing of multiple mosquitoes can cause multiple occurrences of SCP-CN-2878 to overlap.

Under normal circumstances, this sound will persist for 1 to 3 minutes; during this period, subjects with a CRV less than 9.01 will have a tendency towards being impulsive and quick to use force.

Discovery: On 1997/02/03, Senior Researcher Chen Shuoyuan, assigned to Sector-CN-81-4, was performing reverse-engineering on [DATA EXPUNGED] when he killed a mosquito that was disturbing his work and induced the effects of SCP-CN-2878. Under its effects, Researcher Chen2 showed irritability and irrationally instructed Zan-Line.aic to use low-grade kill agents to clear the room of mosquitoes. After Zan-Line.aic replied that there were no more mosquitoes in the sealed room, Researcher Chen put in a request to the Site Director to check for latent anomalies, which was rejected. Researcher Chen then used his own credentials without permission to conduct experiments3 and confirmed the existence of an anomalous phenomenon.


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