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Item #: SCP-CN-2906

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All areas, documents and webs having a visual record of SCP-CN-2906 should be locked, contained or closed. Civilians who have witnessed SCP-CN-2906 can be released after receiving one class-A amnestic.

Presently discovered objects from SCP-CN-2906-1 to SCP-CN-2906-4 need to be demolished, peeled and decomposed. Objects from SCP-CN-2906-1 to SCP-CN-2906-2 should be contained in pratical containment chambers after decomposition; SCP-CN-2906-3 should be contained within a biozard containment chamber with 1m * 2m * 5m Teflon-coated stainless steel containment tank. All the objects should be immersed in 20% mass fraction sulfuric acid to prevent the growth. Paper documents affected by SCP-CN-2906-4's meme should be contained in a metal file box that blocks out the light. Web text should be deleted or archived as appropriate. Documents filed and contained, as affected by SCP-CN-2906-4, should be contained finally according to the containment procedure "Transferation-M"

SCP-CN-2906 is a general term for a series of anomalies. The common feature of the object is that they are all related to accessibility services and devices, and the nameplate of Manna Charitable Foundation can be found in some part of the objects. SCP-CN-2906 is widely distributed, mostly appearing in first-tier and second-tier cities in China.

SCP-CN-2906-1: SCP-CN-2906-1 is a wheelchair lift, mainly made of brass and bronze. The outside of SCP-CN-2906-1 is two guides and a foldable frame, and the inside contains a large number of gears, springs, and more complex mechanical parts, presumably to amplify the torque of the mechanical structure. A constant mechanical beep can be heard in SCP-CN-2906-1. No external power supply has been found for SCP-CN-2906-1.
SCP-CN-2906-1 is usually found on the side of long, steep stairs, especially at the entrances and exits of subways and underpasses. SCP-CN-2906-1 is fixed on the floor of stairs or on the wall at the side of stairs by long nails made of brass. The long nails and all mechanical parts can be easily loaded and unloaded without relying on tools. The reason it supports its own weight remains unknown.
When an individual, such as a human over 60 years old, a pregnant woman, a disabled person or a wheelchair user, appears at one end of the stairs, SCP-CN-2906-1 will automatically unroll the frame and move to the individual, ignoring any obstacles. If the individual chooses to detour, SCP-CN-2906-1 will continue to block the individual's path until the individual chooses to board the SCP-CN-2906-1.SCP-CN-2906-1 then will shrink the frame to just the right size to wrap around the individual, and transport the entity as quickly as possible to the other end of the staircase.
No sightings of SCP-CN-2906-1 being seen or installed have been recorded. The nameplate of Manna Charitable Foundation can be found on the inside gear. From the complex mechanical structure, there is evidence to suspect that the anomaly is the product of the Broken God.

SCP-CN-2906-2: SCP-CN-2906-2 is an accessible toilet, with an integrated cage shaped space formed by brass riveting. Inside, there are several copper containers with lids. On the walls is movable tubular structures. Conventional physical means3 can not damage the structure of SCP-CN-2906-2, but it can still be cut by flame thaumaturgy.
SCP-CN-2906-2 is commonly found in formerly accessible toilets that have been improperly used4. Everything in the original toilet is gone, whereabouts unknown. No external energy supply was found for SCP-CN-2906-2. It is confirmed that SCP-CN-2906-2 hasn't been connected to the municipal water supply and drainage system.
When a healthy human individual enters SCP-CN-2906-2, SCP-CN-2906-2 will block the entity out of space by moving the tubular structure. If the individual forces his way into SCP-CN-2906-2 or attempts to destroy SCP-CN-2906-2, SCP-CN-2906-2 will cross the tubular structure into a rectangle, encase the individual's joints and shrink until the individual's joints are crushed or hinged. Then, SCP-CN-2906-2 will eject high-pressure water from the tubular structure to wash the residue of the individual and draw up the remaining liquid on the ground.
When a sick human individual enters SCP-CN-2906-2, SCP-CN-2906-2 will cross the tubular shape into a rectangle, wrap the individual's limbs and place the individual as gently as possible on a container that fits his hip circumference while waiting for him to complete his toilet. If an individual appears difficulty defecating or urinating, SCP-CN-2906-2 will extend a tube into the individual's excretory opening and inject water to aid in excretion. If an individual has undergone artificial anal surgery, SCP-CN-2906-2 will take the individual to a higher container, extend the tubular structure into the stoma, and draw feces into the tube.After an individual leaves SCP-CN-2906-2, the top of all containers will automatically close, and the excrement remaining inside will disappear in an unknown way.
No sightings of SCP-CN-2906-2 being seen or installed have been recorded so far. The nameplate of Manna Charitable Foundation can be found above the top of the higher container. There is evidence to suspect that the anomaly is the product of the Broken God.

SCP-CN-2906-3: SCP-CN-2906-3 is a blind track, composed entirely of biomass. The outer surface is identical to the standard blind surface. The bottom has the energy supply matrix of Sarkic form. SCP-CN-2906-3 will multiply and cover the existing brick blind track and replace it with its own. SCP-CN-2906-3 tends to clear all obstacles above the blind track. Usually, SCP-CN-2906-3 will have appendages growing out of its surface to clear the obstruction5 by bumping into it. SCP-CN-2906-3 is sensitive to high temperature, strong acid and strong base. When SCP-CN-2906-3 is exposed to the above environment, the growth will stop, but completely neutralizing the object is difficult.

The nameplate of the Manna Foundation can be found at the center of the energy supply matrix. Judging from the form of the energy supply matrix, there is evidence to suspect that this anomaly is the product of Neo-Sarkic.

SCP-CN-2906-4: SCP-CN-2906-4 is an auditory meme that can be attached to paper or electronic documents. When a human aged 55 or older6 reads a document affected by SCP-CN-2906-4, the font size of the document will expand to 120% to 200% of the original text7, while the SCP-CN-2906-4 will read the text slowly and clearly to the reader in a male voice.
When the reader reads other documents after reading the document affected by SCP-CN-2906-4, SCP-CN-2906-4 meme will transfer and infect other documents. The original document will no longer be memetic. The infectivity of SCP-CN-2906-4 can be blocked by amnestics.
At the end of the reading content of SCP-CN-2906-4, two audio clips are found that are not part of the content of the document itself, which are "Generously donated from AWCY, independent artists. " and "AWCY" with a different tone.


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