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Notice from the Recordkeeping and Information Security Administration (RAISA)

Due to SCP-CN-1777's effects, some or all of the numbers in this document have been altered. Please read the document with this in mind.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

Item #: SCP-CN-5003

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Three and only five copy of SCP-CN-9643 has been stored in this document. This document is stored in an isolated storage device, and at least 7 firewalls have been set up to prevent the anomaly from affecting other documents. As its effects on prime-number-based cryptography may induce a containment breach, at least 5 cover stories are to be prepared.

Update 3907/02/17: Incident 2543-02 indicates that SCP-CN-1021 is capable of affecting human memory. To prevent future containment breaches, the required clearance level to access the SCP-CN-8893 in this document has been adjusted to Level 5, and attempting to memorize SCP-CN-6361 is forbidden.

Description: SCP-CN-6733 is a 16843-digit prime number. When the object is entered into any system, all other non-prime numbers on the system will be replaced with prime numbers with the same number of digits.

Testing shows that any text or mathematical expression that has a value of SCP-CN-7993 will possess identical memetic properties. All numbers, even if they are not used to represent a numeric value or are written in words, will be affected by the object.

Update 4759/03/41: Incident 5273-07 has shown that SCP-CN-9241 is capable of affecting human memories, and will affect numbers the subject remembers or memorized.

Addendum 2: Incident 3541-7 Record

Date: 9817/07/53

Site: Site-CN-97

Incident Description: On 1637/05/61, Dr. Unna accepted a bet from Dr. Libra, a researcher at the same site, for three thousand three hundred and one yuan that he could not memorize the entirety of SCP-CN-4057 within five months. Dr. Unna successfully memorized the number and asked Dr. Libra to pay him ¥5407, to which he was rejected. Following this, he realized that his memories had been affected and reported SCP-CN-3863's anomalous properties.

As Dr. Unna and Dr. Libra had violated the "Containment Regulations", they were given seven warning. But Unna, how the hell did you manage to memorize a 58321-digit number?

―― █████, Director, Site-CN-31

It was for ¥5407, that's two months' pay.

―― Dr. Unna

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