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Item #: SCP-CN-2965

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation Temporal Anomalies Department is to monitor changes in spacetime related to SCP-CN-2965-A. Upon discovering that current reality has undergone a partial CK-Class "Restructuring" scenario, feedback is to be registered at the extratemporal site and Suppression Procedure Chronos Quartet-01 is to be enacted. Mobile Task Force Upsilon-36 "River of Love" is to be stationed in 1820s Dinant, Wallonia, Belgium in order to protect SCP-CN-2965 from assassination attempts by time travelers until it reaches adulthood and fame.

Temporal anomalies and paratechnology confiscated from SCP-CN-2965-B, as well as anomalous humanoids, are to be contained at Temporal Site-02. Its surroundings are to be enclosed by at least three Mayer-Joyce temporal damping devices in order to inhibit free chronons in the designated area, preventing extratemporal interference. Non-anomalous humans are to be administered Class C amnestics and returned to their original timelines.

Awareness campaigns regarding SCP-CN-2965's achievements and early life are under consideration.



Description: SCP-CN-2965 is Belgian inventor Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone. Based on the current base timeline, SCP-CN-2965 was born in 1814 in Dinant, Belgium, and died in 1894 in Paris, France.

SCP-CN-2965-A refers to a series of assassination attempts made against SCP-CN-2965. The attempted assassins (SCP-CN-2965-B) typically originate from the current era or near future, and typically use their innate anomalous properties, uncontained temporal anomalies or future paratechnology to perform unstable time travel or cross-temporal telepathy in order to achieve this goal.

All interrogations with captured SCP-CN-2965-B instances reveal that the intended target of their assassinations was Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany. However, due to misalignments in spacetime coordinates, errors made in preparation, or miscommunication, their assassination attempts were erroneously directed at SCP-CN-2965.

In view of SCP-CN-2965's invaluable contributions to Western music and instrument design, his premature death would lead to the disappearance of his inventions, including the saxophone, saxohorn and saxobass, from the base timeline, leading to changes to the lives of many musicians and their pieces, including jazz, symphonic orchestra, lyrical and military band music. Foundation agents have been placed in SCP-CN-2965's area of residence in rotating shifts to prevent any possible negative factors until SCP-CN-2965 has achieved sufficient recognition.

Addendum CN-2965.1: List of SCP-CN-2965-B instances

# Date Description
SCP-CN-2965-B-4 14/5/1818 Subject used a civilian "C204 Temporal Movement Device" attached to a Chevrolet Silverado to achieve time travel. The device was imprinted with an electric company logo. Upon reaching the target spacetime coordinates, the subject replaced the bowl of milk prepared for SCP-CN-2965 with acid, causing his mouth and gut to be severely burned.
SCP-CN-2965-B-7 23/11/1820 Subject was a Type IV thaumaturge, achieving temporal transport by offering various artistic works from the target time period to an unknown extraterrestrial entity. Upon arriving at the target, it used multiple rituals to activate drying varnish on the furniture in SCP-CN-2965's house, causing poisoning and suffocation.
SCP-CN-2965-B-8 7/3/1821 Subject utilized a device primarily composed of nickel, crystals and ivory to achieve time travel. The basic mechanism by which this operated was stated to be extremely simple, to the point that a skilled practitioner could manufacture the devices using rivets and wooden planks. Upon reaching the target, it attacked SCP-CN-2965 from a house on the side of a street he was passing through with a stone tile, striking his head and causing cranial damage and a short coma.
SCP-CN-2965-B-11 19/10/1817 Subject was an unstable time warper, and used its subjective will and contact with a local anchor point to perform time travel. It is believed that the subject traversed various other time points before reaching the correct one; the Temporal Anomalies Department is currently investigating the effects of these other traversals. Upon reaching the target, the subject twice pushed SCP-CN-2965 out of a third floor window and off a cliff, resulting in multiple bone fractures and SCP-CN-2965 being bedridden for an extended period.
SCP-CN-2965-B-13 25/6/1817 Subject's source is unknown; it appears to have used the toroidal singularity of an artificial Kerr black hole to transmit anomalous auditory signals to the target; the auditory hallucinations produced by these signals intercepts and replaces the conscious signals of the brain, thus controlling the target's higher mental activity. Due to the information loss incurred by transmission, the subject's command to commit suicide merely caused SCP-CN-2965 to unconsciously swallow a needle. Following this, Foundation agents embedded telekill sheets inside SCP-CN-2965's residence. No similar incidents have been recorded since.
SCP-CN-2965-B-16 4/12/1822 Subject was a Foundation employee from the future, using a repaired and reverse-engineered SCP-317-3 without authorization to achieve time travel. Upon reaching the target, the subject used various contemporary materials to construct and detonate an improvised gunpowder explosive in SCP-CN-2965's father's workshop, severely burning the target. The Temporal Anomalies Department has reported this egregious violation to the future Foundation, immediately and preemptively dismissed the employee, and is monitoring research on SCP-317-3 in order to preempt the incident.
SCP-CN-2965-B-19 12/9/1824 Subject was a local resident of the time period, and is believed to have briefly obtained the personality and memories of a modern human after a near-death experience. With the misleading information gained through this, the subject used a pebble to strike the back of SCP-CN-2965's head before throwing him into a river. Agents subsequently contacted the contemporary Foundation to contain the subject.
SCP-CN-2965-B-20 17/3/1826 Subject used a time machine naturally constructed by [REDACTED] to achieve time travel. Following this, it attempted to use a pistol to kill SCP-CN-2965, but was caught by nearby Foundation agents and brought into custody for interrogation. For the interrogation log, see Addendum CN-2965.2.

Addendum CN-2965.2: SCP-CN-2965-B Interrogation Report

Interviewee: SCP-CN-2965-B-20

Interviewer: Dr. Leah Travis

<Begin Recording>

Travis: Let's get down to business, B-20. What's your little trick? Magic? Superpowers? Paratechnology? Did you make it yourself, or did someone give it to you? You don't look like a genius or someone who would have friends.

B-20: I don't know that many names, nor has anyone helped me. I simply found it — or, in other words, it appeared before my eyes, in an uninteresting corner of [REDACTED]. I found it when I was hiking. At first, it was just a hike to pass the time, but slowly I got into the outskirts where it wasn't as developed, and I walked until there was nowhere left to go. And then when I was about to turn back, I realized I was lost.

B-20: After that, I saw a gravel path going around a pit. The pit was very deep, and I couldn't tell what was in there, but there was a distorted reflection. I walked along the path, and realized that the path seemed never-ending, and the surroundings all faded into lines, warping and forming something shaking at high-frequency. Only when I stopped did it revert.

B-20: Suddenly the sky went dark, and then bright again, many times. It was like someone was playing with a switch. I felt the temperature going up, the ground started to glow a pale blue, and although no one was around I felt a lot of presences. I started to turn back and walk backward, and soon enough I saw my own puzzled expression from a few minutes ago. At that very moment, I knew what I'd discovered.

Travis: You mean you'd discovered a natural time machine? I'm not convinced You think nature can evolve a computer, too?

B-20: Why not? The existence of such things shouldn't surprise us. There's natural nuclear reactors under the earth in Gabon, in operation for hundreds of thousands of years. Why would the same thing happening with a time machine make you suspicious? In reality, time isn't really a mystery, is it?

Travis: I'd say it's not the same thing at all, but it doesn't matter, I've seen weirder. Our people will go confirm what you said. (Sighs) Really, can anyone become Marty McFly these days?

Travis: So, after you got a time machine, your first thought was not to predict the lottery or visit your future wife, but to kill?

B-20: I have a time machine, you think I give a shit about that? I had a better idea. I have a natural time machine, of course the first thing I would do is kill the most evil man in history, right?

Travis: Tell me your plan.

B-20: Of course, I couldn't just rush into the bunker and kill him in front of a bunch of SS officers, so I chose to attack hm when he was little. I spent so much time looking for him, going from north to south, using my broken German to ask everyone in the village if they knew a kid named Adolf who almost drowned in a river. I'm not an idiot, I knew that the surname Hitler had changed throughout the generations, but his old name was so awkward I couldn't remember it.

B-20: I looked for very, very long. And just when I was about to kill the most evil man in history, your guys stopped me.

Travis: You're one of the most direct time travelling assassins I've ever seen. Most people use a more subtle approach to avoid the butterfly effect. And you don't seem to care at all?

B-20: Worried? Nothing is more worrying than letting Hitler live. We all know what happens next if we do. I'd prevent his terrible acts at any cost.

Travis: And you failed.

B-20: That's your fault, you cold bastards. What's your excuse, huh? Stabilizing the timeline? Can't avoid fate? Or are you the men in the high castle?

Travis: None of them. Whether Everett or Novikov was right doesn't matter, because the reason I stopped you was very simple: You're a fucking dumbass.

B-20: What?

Travis: You're a dumbass, you're all dumbasses. Special snowflakes with huge egos, half-baked scientists. Don't talk about what you've learned on the ground and in encyclopedias, you're so shit at German you can't even tell the difference between "f" and "phe". That time machine in the ground probably doesn't tell you what year it is, so your dumb ass went back a century too far. You haven't even seen Hitler! The man you were about to kill is Adolphe Sax!

B-20: … Sax?

Travis: You don't get it? You were trying to kill Sax, the inventor. Thanks to you dumb fucks, the poor kid who has a similar name to a Nazi a hundred years later had a terrible childhood passed down in legend. I don't even need to think to tell you what the later generations said: "the Boy who Lived", "the boy who dodged death countless times", "the target of countless dumbass time travelers". God, his ending is already bad enough.


B-20: You're saying, if I'd succeeded, then Sax would—

Travis: Oh, yes, the whole Sax family, the saxohorn, the saxophone, all of his inventions. And countless musicians and their works, and countless reworkings of classical composers' work: Marcel Mule, Albert Ayler, Milton Babbitt, Coleman Hawkins, Kenny G. All of them will disappear, just because you're a fucking idiot.

B-20: So George Michael wouldn't have written Careless Whisper?

Travis: And Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street, Billy Joel's Just The Way You Are, Van Morrison's Moondance, Sade's Smooth Operator. You want more?


B-20: Alright, my bad, can you let me go now?

Travis: Of course not, dear. You nearly killed poor Sax, so "going home" has also disappeared.

<End Recording>

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