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Item #: SCP-CN-2980

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The 16 extant unused instances of SCP-CN-2980 have been placed in a locked reagent cabinet at Site-CN-20's Chemical Testing Lab. Newly discovered used instances of SCP-CN-2980 are to be treated with a mixture of sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide, then destroyed.

All instances of SCP-CN-2980-1 created after July 6, 2017 are to be considered lost and must be immediately dealt with, then sent to Site-CN-20's waste sorting plant to be buried. Remains do not need to be cremated.

Description: SCP-CN-2980 is a crystal growing kit, packaged in a 20 cm by 15 cm by 10 cm cardboard box. The front of the box bears the text "Dr. Wondertainment®'s Little Crystallographer Set" in English and Chinese. The kit contains an instruction sheet, a glass stirrer and five bottles each containing approximately 10 g of copper sulfate powder.

SCP-CN-2980 was discovered for sale at the children's department of ██ shopping areas throughout China; interviews with employees revealed that they were universally unaware of even the existence of these items.

SCP-CN-2980's instruction sheet reads as follows:

Dr. Wondertainment®'s Little Crystallographer Set!

Do you want to experience the thrill of growing beautiful crystals with your own hands?

Dr. Wondertainment®'s new product will let your crystals move and speak! They'll become your treasured pets and friends in no time!

How to Use:

1. Look for a suitable container! (Don't use anything you'd eat or drink from!)

2. Add hot water to the strange blue powder based on the solubility chart on the back!

3. Use the stirrer to mix until all the powder dissolves! (While dissolving, the powder might make some complaints. Make sure to reassure it!)

4. Let the solution evaporate at room temperature to create your beautiful crystalline friend!

Reminder: Please do this experiment in the company of your best friend, so that both of you can experience the joy of science!

The back of the instruction sheet contains a standard copper sulfate solubility chart, which has been shown to be non-anomalous and accurate.

The anomalous properties of SCP-CN-2980 manifest when one of the glass bottles is opened. At this point, the human subject closest to the line of sight to the person opening the bottle within a cylindrical volume of 40 m radius will become an instance of SCP-CN-2980-1; its mass will immediately decrease to a set value, and any sounds produced by it will no longer be recorded by audio or video recorders. Some records indicate that SCP-CN-2980-1 instances' verbal coherency will decrease, often producing illogical and contradictory statements. If no human subjects are within the range of effect, no anomalous effects will be produced and the copper sulfate crystals produced will be non-anomalous.

If the user attempts to follow the instructions provided, more copper sulfate solution will be produced than the sum of the copper sulfate powder and water would normally allow, and the additional mass [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum: Recovered Document CN-2980-20170706

The following journal entries were recovered from the house of Wang ███tong (PoI-91920), a ninth grade student at ████████ Middle School, █████ City, Hunan Province, China. PoI-91920 bought an instance of SCP-CN-2980 along with a classmate, Fan ██yi (PoI-91921), on June 20, 2017, and opened one of the bottles within, causing PoI-91921 to become an instance of SCP-CN-2980-1. PoI-91921's parents reported that she was missing two days later. PoI-91921 was discovered within PoI-91920's house on July 6.

June 20, sunny

I finally got money to spend! I took ██yi with me to buy the crystal growing kit we've wanted.

I can't wait to see what the crystals will look like! We'll start experimenting after school.

I might even give one to my chemistry teacher as a gift~

June 21, sunny

There was a bit of a problem today, but I think the experiment went well overall!

Even though I just opened the bottle, I don't know why but the powder went everywhere. I spent a lot of effort to sweep all the copper sulfate up, but I felt there was a lot of it and it wouldn't fit inside the beaker I prepared! ██yi was just watching me, cheering me on, but she didn't come to help.

Ah, there's no choice, there's too much copper sulfate powder, maybe there was some dust mixed in. I'll use the bathtub. Even better, the bathtub has hot water. My parents won't be home for a few days, I hope this will work before they come back. My chemistry teacher, bless me~

Hm, the crystal really is turning back and forth inside the water. I nearly let it spill out, but luckily I controlled it. After a while everything stopped - I don't know if this is some strange chemical reaction I didn't learn about. Chemistry sure is interesting.

June 22, rainy

██yi said she was fighting with her parents and wanted to stay with me. Her parents even called to say they couldn't find her. My parents won't be back for another two weeks, so I guess I'll let her stay.

The crystals still haven't grown!

June 25, rainy

The crystals still haven't grown… I hope it hasn't stopped working!

I ate with ██yi after school. My teacher asked me if I'd seen her today. I also wondered if it was really okay to let her keep staying at my house… But she refused to come to school when I asked her. She seems to be really unhappy.

I'll asked what happened between her and her parents, but she said she didn't want to talk about it.

June 29,sunny

It looks like the crystals are finally growing! And a big one was floating on the water. I don't know how, but I felt the solution was darker.

But something's bothering me today. I don't know why, but a lot of houseflies have shown up in the toilet, and most of them dropped into the solution. I scooped them up one by one so they wouldn't affect the growth of the crystals. How sad. I took a wooden board from the cabinet and blocked up the bathtub so the flies wouldn't get in.

It was ██yi's idea, but she didn't even want to come and look at the crystals. Whatever, as long as I can grow some crystals.

July 3, sunny

It's hot! I feel that the crystals have shrunk, am I mixing something up? And the solution has gotten even darker.

There are even more flies here. What's going on? I sprayed a lot of insecticide into the toilet. I hope it doesn't mess up the crystals!

July 5,rainy

A bunch of men in weird suits came to my house. They didn't look like policemen, but they asked me where ██yi was. They weren't good people, so I hid her away.

Samples of copper sulfate solution were taken from PoI-91920's bathtub and were determined to have differing physical properties from standard copper sulfate solution, being more viscous and possessing a distinct unpleasant smell. Further chemical analysis determined a large concentration of biological matter, but no concrete results were produced. The copper sulfate crystals found in the solution were far larger than standard copper sulfate crystals, and several fly eggs and larvae were found on its surface.

As a known SCP-CN-2980 instance, PoI-91921 was contained in a Standard Humanoid Containment Unit at Site-CN-20 in accordance with standard protocol. As PoI-91921 has lost the ability to move, it is believed that PoI-91921 does not require further monitoring.

All personnel related to the incident, including PoI-91920 and family, were administered A-class amnestics and returned.


PoI-91921 in containment.

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