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The following are the results returned from the inquiries experiments repeatedly sent by the Department of Testimony to SCP-CN-2989, the results are listed in the order of iteration.


Code Name: Highland Lion.

Results: The object has been contained to the Department of Abnormalities.

Observation: In the center of the room, a circular platform is carved with what appears to be a star map of the northern Hemisphere, and at the North is a bird holding a key which in the shape of the foundation's icon. Around the ridges on the platform, there were deep scratches like feline and some red congealed substance that seemed to be blood remains. A chain stretched out from each of the four corners of the room, with the end broken on the central point.

Code Name: Inanna.

Results: The object has been contained to Decommissioning Department.

Special Containment Procedures: The object should be attempted to be neutralize on the ground with any of the abnormal items each week, and after that, the ground should be placed an eye taken from a live raven laid down enough salt to completely cover the eye and the remaining traces around it.

Code Name: Skylight.

Result: The object has been contained to the Department of Miscommunications.

Special Containment Procedures: All the surfaces of the cell are covered with curved mirrors, and the number of personnels entering the cell should be at least six. One of them is an operator, and the other are observers.

They should be dressed up as any of the different kinds of creatures that appear in Who Killed Mockingbird according to their specific roles of work. The operator should not make eye contact with the object and its mirror image during the whole operation, and can only operate through the instructions given by the observers who observing the top and the four sides.

Code Name: Lunar

Result: The object can't be possessed by the Groups of Interest in outside of the Foundation.

Special Containment Procedures: MTF-Gengshen "Aldebaran" will be on standby to respond to attacks on the object from other GOIs, and the Foundations forces any nearby will be required to cooperate unconditionally with its actions.

Code Name: Balance.

Result: The object has been contained to the Department of Tactical Theology.

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation should ban non-accredited religious activities and work with traditional faith groups to change their ritual process to promote the slaughter of sacrificial offerings by "humane way". The Foundation shall also monitor large scale festivals at any religious sites.

If a large number of birds from unknown sources pecked at the intact carcass during the sacrificial activity, a MTF should race to the site to retrieve the sacrifice in time, amnesticizing the participants and related covered up the information.

Retrieved offerings should be subjected to Akiva radiometry and destroyed after removal of scP-CN-2989-A generated within the offering if possible.

Code Name: Land

Result: The object has been contained to Pataphysics Department.

Special Containment Procedures: All iteration files should be save in the database of Crom.AIC. Then, the Grappling Hook of General Narrative Mood should be set its template to "the Great Dream" and cast to that AIC.

NOTE: The object has been proven to be contained by the Foundation and the experiments has served the purpose of the Department of Testimony, so there is no need to proceed with further experiments. If the situation requires, the application should be made to the director of the Department of Testimony to conduct the experiment. The returned results of the experiment which apears or involves the new department should be attached to the list under the item which has the code of similar nature.

——Dr. E.Souriau


Subject #: SCP-CN-2989

Subject Class: Contained.

Special Containment Procedures: The personal of the Department of Testimony should restart the inquiries experiment of the subject when they have the mentality of being unable to continue the existence. Specific information about the object must not be disclosed anywhere to anyone outside the Department of Testimony.

Description: SCP-CN-2989 is THE PRECENCE outside the Department of Testimony, which can return the key evidence of Dasein of substance to the Department.

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