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Item #: SCP-CN-2991

Object Class: Mushrik

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-2991 is designated with Anomaly it refers to, and made according to the hypostasis of its shew to create SCP-CN-2991-α. The interaction experiments between SCP-CN-2991-α is forbid.

All personnel of Department of Miscommunications who involved in work of containment must equate SCP-CN-2991-α with the noumenon of Anomaly. If in the process of maintaining containment, feel mental discomfort1, can apply for using the Class-A amnestic treatment or SCP-CN-2991-α-8.

Description: SCP-CN-2991-α is the objects that encompasseth the eikon of abnormal properties similar to SCP-CN-2991 after performing the rite of names-figured. The containment process of SCP-CN-2991-α is also the process of gradually containing SCP-CN-2991 wherefrom.

Addendum-1: The process of the rite of names-figured.

  1. With reference to the paradigms shewed by SCP-CN-2991, search for normal corps as the objects, SCP-CN-2991-α, that can make the agencies have similar associations of the properties.
  2. Set SCP-CN-2991-α in the cell with the highest altitude in site and on a high place at least one meter high from the ground.
  3. Slaughtered livestocks of any kind in any number every day thence placed in front of SCP-CN-2991-α after burnt. Replace the daily sacrifice with flowers and Mead.
  4. Chant hymns beside objects at sunrise and sunset. The hymns must has a vast of the sens the allegorical efflux related to SCP-CN-2991-α without any abnormal property in vehicle (such as nature materials).
  5. When a single entity of SCP-CN-2991-α is named individually, it needs to be modified with commendatory words and prefixed with SCP-CN-2991.

Addendum-2: The partial list of SCP-CN-2991-α.

Sequence -α Hyle Anormaly Esse Exousia
1 SCP-CN-2991, Characters the El Words2 SCP-CN-2991 is the holy name of Anormaly, which can be uttered by others. Interlligible ineffablity
2 SCP-CN-2991, Auxiliary text the overflowed knowledge The cognition of Anormaly comes from reading text. Intelligence
3 SCP-CN-2991, Intact stone the indestructibility Impassibility Eternity
4 SCP-CN-2991, Escapement the precise and regular order The values of Eve particles and Akiva radiation produced by SCP-CN-2991-α vary in a fixed progression. Diacosmos
5 SCP-CN-2991,Clock the reverser of past and future The degree of element decay is changed inside the enclosed room. Time
6 SCP-CN-2991,Magic cube the phantasmagoria The topology inside the enclosed room is changed. Space
7 SCP-CN-2991,Hydropress the puissant mighty Erase somethings' physical form of eidos. Power
8 SCP-CN-2991,Searchlight the phainonti spirit Make creatures to get rid of negative emotions. The pass of Iyseos
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