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Item #: SCP-CN-2993

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-CN-2993 has been sealed to prevent intentional or accidental entry into SCP-CN-2993 by civilians. Entering or experimenting on SCP-CN-2993 requires Level 3 approval.

For further information on Yang ████'s containment, see the containment procedures. It is thought that Yang ████'s nature is that of a [REDACTED].

Description: SCP-CN-2993 is a modern 6-storey residential building in ███████, █████. Due to the anomaly, it is no longer in use.

The main anomalous property of the object is that all personnel on the roof of the object will begin to experience hallucinations; personnel will feel weightless and lose track of time1. These hallucinations typically result in sitting at the edge of SCP-CN-2993's roof, and not being able or being unwilling to move2. In addition, personnel will also frequently experience invasive auditory hallucinations.

Initially, personnel will hear sounds similar to marbles falling onto the floor and glass breaking, typically continuing for 20 to 30 minutes3. Following this, the sounds will slowly be replaced with plastic objects and blunt devices hitting the ground, typically continuing for 30 to 50 minutes4. Finally, the sound will be slowly replaced with heavy objects htiting the ground, glass breaking and flesh breaking apart, which continues for an undefined amount of time. At the end of this period, personnel will enter a trance state; over 80% of personnel additionally experienced different degrees of mental trauma and further exposure to SCP-CN-2993 will lead to a further degree of mental harm. While this mental trauma can be remedied, all subjects have shown a tendency to drop objects for unknown reasons.

Following multiple exposure to SCP-CN-2993's anomalous properties, subjects will experience multiple bone fractures in various parts of the body, and will rapidly lose vital signs due to harm to vital organs and heavy blood loss.

Addendum 20100221: Discovery

SCP-CN-2993 was initially discovered in an incident on 2010/2/21. A 14-year-old male, Yang ████, fell off the top of the building. Yang's head was facing towards the ground, causing him to die immediately; in his hands was the corpse of a cat. While his clothing was stained with blood, some blood was found to be from before falling off the roof, and later analysis showed that it was the blood of the cat in his hands. As the railings on the roof of the object were low, this incident was considered an accident.

It is understood that Yang ████ did not have any major physical or mental illnesses. Based on his parents' testimony, in the month leading up to the incident, he abnormally spent long hours surfing the internet and often took out the trash on his own. However, neighbors' testimony indicated that tattered, full garbage bags often fell into the grass, which may have been used by Yang ████'s family.

The abovementioned anomaly occurred for the first time after initial investigators entered the building. Of note is that this is the first and only time that the sounds of a male sobbing have manifested; this sobbing was confirmed to match Yang ████'s voice.

It is understood that the investigation personnel, after leaving the scene, went to the roof of a different, non-anomalous 6-storey residential building and threw the corpse of a cat off the roof. Following this, he immediately fell off the roof, with his head pointing down. The face on teh corpse was covered with blood and unable to be identified; his mouth was slightly open, and his body suffered various fractures and injuries inconsistent with a fall of 6 floors.

It is currently unknown how the cat manifested; however, following this, the Foundation discovered an identical-looking cat corpse in a trash bin in the estate in which SCP-CN-2993 is located. The cat's feet showed trauma consistent with being picked up. Following this, SCP-CN-2993 was reclassified as Euclid.

Addendum 20100311: Currently, over 50 personnel have died due to the effects of the anomaly. Further investigation is still ongoing. Of note is that out of the deceased personnel, over 80% of them have a history of dangerously throwing litter from heights. The correlation between the two is still under investigation.

Addendum 20110411: Beginning on 2011/4/11, a large quantity of shattered marbles, four unopenable trash bags, a broken fish tank and an unidentifiable human corpse manifested every day at 10:35 am in the corridors within SCP-CN-2993. It is theorized that SCP-CN-2993's interior will be fully filled by 2011/5/20 and the building will collapse from overloading. At that point, the object will be neutralized.

Addendum 20110520: SCP-CN-2993 has been fully filled; however, at 12:22 pm, all objects within the anomaly demanifested and their whereabouts are unknown. In addition, SCP-CN-2993 did not show any problems caused by weight overloading. Reports indicate that that night, Yang ████'s screaming voice was confirmed to have been produced from the interior; the pitch of the voice steadily increased until it was out of the range of human hearing. The screaming voice is still increasing in pitch; it is unknown when the voice will demanifest. Following analysis, the screaming was confirmed to be interrupted by over 120 repetitions of "No".

Addendum 20110524: Based on ultrasonic reports, the voice demanifested at 10:21 am on 2011/5/24. Its final pitch was ██████Hz.

Addendum 20110630: Based on reports of severed human fingers appearing in restaurant food, it has been thought that the objects that disappeared on 2011/5/20 were scattered throughout ████████ City. It is unknown whether the same effect will occur when the object is once again filled.

ADdendum 20110812: Local police received reports of Yang ████ being sighted. On 2011/8/12, four ████████ residents, who knew of the events that occurred on 2010/2/21, attempted to reach SCP-CN-2993 and discovered that Yang ████ was sitting on the roof of SCP-CN-2993, holding what was likely to be the corpse of a cat. When police reached the scene, Yang ████ had disappeared, and the incident was explained as a mass hallucination. However, when Foundation personnel investigated the scene, a cat corpse was discovered lying on the roof, with Yang ████'s fingerprints on its body. No explanation for this incident has been proposed.

Addendum: Partial document recovered from SCP-CN-2993's roof.

What should I do? I just ran out of the door, up to the roof, and [ILLEGIBLE] down. I [ILLEGIBLE] can't be found, [ILLEGIBLE] far gone, my [ILLEGIBLE] already hit the [ILLEGIBLE].

This kind of feeling has already started to get worse slowly, I'm starting to [ILLEGIBLE]. I want to [ILLEGIBLE].

[ILLEGIBLE], I thought it was for fun at first. I [ILLEGIBLE] out, and of course I brought [ILLEGIBLE] a few boxes of marbles, and then I [ILLEGIBLE] at the roof, climbing onto the short railing, throwing the marbles down one by one. Sometimes they fell onto [ILLEGIBLE], but [ILLEGIBLE] until I couldn't [ILLEGIBLE] and started throwing whole garbage bags down there, so I started trying to [ILLEGIBLE] animals too.


Then I [ILLEGIBLE], but I can't [ILLEGIBLE] again I've already become addicted. So I specially looked for those things that could provide [ILLEGIBLE]. I will specifically look for [ILLEGIBLE] with no [ILLEGIBLE] and joy, just [ILLEGIBLE] with you.

[ILLEGIBLE], I heard the neighbor's cat died. I was very happy, because I knew if I just [ILLEGIBLE] that cat's corpse, then that [ILLEGIBLE] wouldn't have any feelings. The next dayafternoon I went to [ILLEGIBLE] and [ILLEGIBLE], full of joy, not caring for [ILLEGIBLE].

I am aware that some people are staring at me, seemingly from behind. But I don't care. I look behind me and nobody's there. I hugged that [ILLEGIBLE] standing at the edge of the roof. Thinking about [ILLEGIBLE] made me excited. [ILLEGIBLE] the railing is short, and very easy to [ILLEGIBLE]. [LIQUID STAINS] I feel like I'm being thrown down there.

Have you been [ILLEGIBLE] too? [LIQUID STAINS]


The handwriting on the note was determined to be Yang ████'s. The note's relation to the object is unknown.

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