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Item #: SCP-CN-312

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-312 should be contained in the 312th room within Site-CN-21. The room itself does not have any significance, and acts as a standard humanoid containment cell when containing SCP-CN-312. Supplies needed by SCP-CN-312 should be acquired from the site's storage and sent to this containment cell on a daily basis. Specific personnel should be dispatched to interview the individual every week.

Description: SCP-CN-312 itself does not possess any significance, except when serving as the item number for SCP-CN-312. SCP-CN-312 is a female adult with tan skin, and is 160 centimeters tall. Its anomalous property lies in the fact that every object or data related to it contains special meanings when sensed by ordinary humans.

Please note, at the time when this document was written, there were no containment breaches nor other anomalous phenomenons. The way in which this document was written and its word count do not contain any significance. No personnel has conversed with it, nor did any personnel found out that it had any tragic experiences.

Interview Logs:

Notes: This interview was conducted by Dr.Koo, who was by chance at Site-CN-21 at the time. The log below has been inspected by the Foundation's automatic screening program, and unnecessary information has been removed.

Dr.Koo: Did you know about your anomalous properties?

SCP-CN-312: I kind of had an idea. I discovered that people started to watch my every move, you can't even imagine how it feels when you realize that everything you do becomes a memorial day.

Dr.Koo: Were there any ways to resist it?

SCP-CN-312: I'm not sure, except for emphasizing the fact that I am only an ordinary human again and again, there was no other way.

Dr.Koo: So did you ever have any special experiences?

SCP-CN-312: No, how many times do I have to explain, I never had a boyfriend who died, I was never bullied when I was young, and I never had an abortion, I don't even know where they heard all these.

Dr.Koo: Wait a second, does this mean that you also know about the other anomalies?

SCP-CN-312: Fuck if I know.

Postscript: Because of the information that SCP-CN-312 revealed during the conversation, it is reasonable to assume that she has knowledge about other anomalous objects (including the ones contained in the headquarters). SCP objects mentioned during the conversation have been marked red in the document. The proposal to reclassify of this individual is under review.

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