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Item #: SCP-CN-3300-EX

Object Class: Explained

Special Containment Procedures: It has been confirmed that SCP-CN-3300-EX is part of normalcy. No further procedures are needed.

Description: SCP-CN-3300-EX is the designation given to an abnomous phenomenon occurring in the Village of Duskfort. At night, villagers there would develop a strong desire for turning round, frequently accompanied with fear for it.

The crime rate has largely ascended since the phenomenon was discovered, and an increase in deaths has been found. Meanwhile, the dead bodies are usually found missing an organ, several of which are the same parts. Most of the cases remain unsolved. It may be inferred that these cases are done by one person.

Approximately all villagers claimed to have heard the vague voice of a male. The words were 'Hey mate, would you mind lending me a…' According to surveys, a minority of the villagers heard a different version. The responses varied, but most of the residents did not answer the voice.

At present, incidents concerning SCP-CN-3300-EX have been seen as normalcy, and the Foundation is currently looking into relevant experiment institutions. The individual concerning the cases has been found in a deserted temple inside Dustfort but has died for long.

It is unclear whether other individuals of this kind exist, and the theory is tagged as one of the two possibilities that caused SCP-CN-3300-EX to last. Personnel in charge from Dustfort, Dr. Daisy, has come across a failure in searching in the targeted area. For now, Dr. Promise's conjecture cannot be proven right. Even the theory is correct, there remains controversy whether the Foundation should interfere.

Currently, the phenomenon of SCP-CN-3300-EX still occurs, but no further procedures are considered necessary, and more investigation has been put off.

Addendum: Note from late Dr. Promise

Never underestimate it. We can choose to be optimistic or pessimistic, but never ignorant. It's the only way we can fight against it. Lights here are invisible. For victims and perpetrators, as well as perpetrators evolved from victims, for either of them it's true.

When the light of day rests, 'it' will not die — though the light can do nothing about its disguise.

Only we can kill it. Yes, we. 'We' refers not only to us and Duskfort, and never some kinda scientific freaks nor the Foundation, but to us. Let the light of day shine down upon us directly. It is SCP-CN-3300. It's inside of us all.

The above is for everyone, including the eye of day. I, too, hope you can see beyond the cold light. Even if someone claims to 'have accidentally burnt the note', I believe you understand that I've read through it all, and I've understood the dark night. I will not become the dark night even it swallows me. I am who I am; I don't get eaten by the dusk; I don't remain silent in the dark night.

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