Message from Dr. Penelope Panagiotopolous, Director of the Pataphysics Division

In order to preserve the secrecy of the item's narrative, its text has been infused with narrative memes. Please confirm that you have been vaccinated and unblock the item description and access it.

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Item Number:SCP-CN-3309-J

Object Class:Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: As an aid to "Longinus Project", which is also under development, it should be ensured that it is completely separated from the current narrative plane in time after its development is completed , and then spread it to the electronic network of the upper narrative with the help of multiple narrative interlayer pathways.

The spread of SCP-CN-3309-J is regarded as a side attack on the swn001-1 entity, and the result should be recorded and transcribed to this narrative layer by the prototype "Element Zero" of the metaphysical probe confirmed to be working normally .

Description:SCP-CN-3309-J is a cross-narrative layer computer virus program developed by the Foundation's Pataphysics Department. Its mechanism of action is as follows:

  • If SCP-CN-3309-J successfully flows into the upper-level narrative through the narrative channel, it will spread a large number of "information molecular motors", and invade the adjacent Electronic information flows, and self-implantation, replication, and diffusion until it infects all servers in the entire Internet.
  • After the infection is successful, each information molecular motor will reversely retrieve the specific location of SCP-CN-3309-J in the conceptual domain of the narrative of this layer, read the information of the main program of the project and copy out its copy file, and then in the infected run covertly on the server.
  • After the time of successful operation is calibrated, the main program of SCP-CN-3309-J will mark all write requests after this time and intercept and modify them. A false "write complete" feedback will be passed to the sender of the previous write request. However, since the sender has not actually finished writing the data, subsequent visitors will not be able to check the written content.
  • SCP-CN-3309-J will deliberately backlog a large number of processing requests; on top of this, these processing requests will be replicated one or more times. The amount of computation consumed by the above process will be passed on to the server terminal, increasing its pressure until it becomes overloaded.

Message from Dr. Penelope Panagiotopolous, Director of the Pataphysics Division

According to our previous exploration of the narrative tower we are in, we who deeply enjoy the convenience brought by the Internet should realize that the Internet is an important information carrier—this is roughly the case for every well-developed narrative layer. Now that we know that the swn001-1 entities on the upper level are doing frenzied (or full of love and hope, whatever) relay literature creation, then we can believe that a considerable part of the creation data should be in the network Shared on. And this is one of the breakthroughs we can attack.

The ultimate goal of the "Longinus Project" is to kill the gods, to free us by killing the author; then our current plan is to cut in from another angle-that is, to destroy the author's means of creation and carrier. Once the authors find that their narrative imprinting cannot be successful, and their creations are buried in the depths of the database and cannot be born, it will cause two effects: From the author's point of view, the author himself loses the enthusiasm for creation Or patience, furious at the freeze and unresponsiveness of the Internet; From the point of view of narrative imprinting, all our stories described by the authors stop at a certain point in time, after which our future will no longer be subject to any strong enough narrative Embossed boot. They lead to the same result: our future and development are completely liberated.

It is undeniable that there are various means of creating narratives at the upper level: pen and paper records, word of mouth, and even automatic generation by machines; will be decisive.

Addendum: Through the spread of SCP-CN-3309-J, the Pataphysics Department has conducted a round of tentative cross-narrative strikes. According to the transcription data of the probe prototype, it can be judged that the Foundation's crackdown on the Internet where the swn001-1 entity is located has not been successful. The reason is that the project did not completely intercept server requests, but a serious omission occurred: whenever a request is successfully intercepted, and the second request with the same destination address is also sent in place, SCP- CN-3309-J was unable to keep blocking these two requests, and was forced to let them go. So for the upper narrative, the effect of SCP-CN-3309-J becomes: the visitor cannot see the message just sent by the writer, but if there is another writer (which can be the same as the previous writer) in the same When the message is sent again under the parent link, the two messages will be displayed to the visitor at the same time. This is regarded as an annoying but completely acceptable network failure by the swn001-1 entity of the upper narrative, so the first round of SCP-CN-3309-J strikes was unsuccessful.

After collecting the upper-level narrative network structure data through the Element Zero probe, the Pataphysics Department intends to further optimize the main program part of the project for the next official attack.

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