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Item #: SCP-CN-366

Object Class: Exist

Special Containment Procedures: In any case, the Foundation's Reality ANALYZE Department 现实解析机构 will use at least 60% 70% 80% of the capacity to maintain SCP-CN-366 correctly, and maintain its correct base value above 99.99%.

In any case, when the SCP-CN-366-1 correct baseline falls below 99%, the Foundation will immediately activate the “Curtain Joint” agreement in response to the potential for an exceptional explosion.Although it's not something we can deal with at all.

In any case, when the correct base value of SCP-CN-366-1 falls below — 90%-95%, SCP-2000 will go into standby mode to prepare for a possible K-level scenario. Although scp-2000 may not work.

In any case, when the correct base value of SCP-CN-366-1 falls below —85% —90% — 93%, the “Artificial Adam” project will be launched to ensure that civilization is likely to continue. Although the success rate is less than 5%.

Description: SCP-CN-366 is a general term for the concept of “Being” itself(called SCP-CN-366-1) and a series of methods for verifying its correctness (SCP-CN-366-2).

All the current studies of the Deductive Department point out that SCP-CN-366-1 is the concept itself of "the narrative existence of this layer"; It is speculated that it comes from the observation and deduction of the upper layer narration.

SCP-CN-366-2 a series of methods to verify and maintain the correctness of SCP-CN-366-1, mainly including Maintain containment of anomalies rather than destruction,Constantly discovering and sometimes creating new exceptions,Using exceptions to try to get rid of the control of the upper narrative and so on.

RAD analysis model points out that if the correct base value of SCP-CN-366-1 drops, it may lead to the collapse of the physical law of the narrative in this layer and the change of narrative tone and other K-level scenarios. Therefore, it is necessary to try the best to keep the correct base value of SCP-CN-366-1 above a certain level.


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