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Item #: SCP-CN-369

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The lecture hall in which SCP-CN-369 is located has been purchased by the Foundation. The entrance gate of the hall is locked and a sign reading 'Maintenance in Progress' has been placed on the gate. A patrol team will be designated with variable interval. Any non-Foundation Personnel who enters the hall is to be arrested and be given a Level-B Amnestic.

Description: SCP-CN-369 is a lecture hall located on the 8th floor of an office building in ██, ██ City. There has never been an 8th floor present on blueprints or construction photographs of the building. The timing at which the 8th floor appeared is unknown.

The spotlight over the rostrum inside the object is attached with no power source connected. In addition, the top side of the front curtain is jammed in place. However, when the anomalies are triggered both of them can work normally and the projection screen behind them will show the topic of the lecture: 'That is not all of me' via an unknown source of light. Until now, the object has not shown any other text.

The object's anomalous behavior occurs when testing personnel stand on the rostrum. Subjects will begin to tell some information about him/herself. The tone or the mood is similar to a public lecture or speech. The content of the speech usually is a recounting of the life and personal experience of the subject. Furthermore, the majority of the speech is content that the subject would have never illustrated to others in any circumstance. Each person will give mostly different details of the speech but the sentence structure and paragraphing tend to follow a pattern. In every recorded lecture, the topic 'That is not all of me' is mentioned. After the lecture, subjects will lose their memory of how they arrived at the lecture hall and the lecture they made. However, most of the testing personnel display emotional exhaustion and a sense of euphoria.

Addendum CN-369-1: Experiment Records of SCP-CN-369

Time: ████-██-█
Testing Personnel: ███ (Subject is a waitress)
Speech Contest: I know, I know what you were laughing about me behind my back. You all made fun of my figure of overstaffed, countryside accent, natural curly hair that never straight-ironed. But that is not all of me. I know you look down upon my educational background, my job. But that is not all of me. I was born at the farm of ██. There is pretty rapeseed blossom and splendid sky that is much more azure than anywhere else. My parents are more kind-hearted than anyone. Their love to me is peerless. They are both farmers. I can't be admitted to College. That's the thing in my life that I can never say sorry enough to them because they spent all of their saving for my academic studies. I love seashore but also mountains. And if possible I want to take a glance of France. My dream is to be a Movie Star. Although there's no place for me in any auditions before, the dream is still in my heart. And that's my reason to be in metropolis. My daily life is always frugal. Every Saturday I will go for drama lesson. I hope that guests can raise their head and say thanks to me after their order though few will do. I am still looking forward to these ones. That will make my day. You will see me, one day. I know that I have no chance to let you know who I really am. But please say thanks after orderering foods, and know that that is not all of me.

Time: ████-██-█
Testing Personnel: ███ (Subject is international famous movie star)
Speech Contest: You all have seen me and know me. I know you think that I'm charming in movie and think I'm a genius. But that is not all of me. I was going to be a astronomer in my childhood. As I grew up, I wanted to be a writer. Before being an actor, I was a student, fast-food restaurant waiter and gas station staff. Working in the gas station is the happiest period of my life. Those who worked in gas station are the best guys I have ever met. I was never thaught to be an actor and I always thought that there would have been only one job for the rest of my life. I'm not ████ (Stage name of Subject). I'm ███. I know it's not a good name but it's the one which was given to me by my grandmother. I don't hate filming work because I like movie. But I'd rather watch movie alone at home with quietness and leisure. I like to drink hot sugar-free oolong. When I was not an actor, I always filled my vaccum cup with full of tea and take it to the noodle house at the corner of the lane. I like noodle with sesame paste and Wonton Soup. I have good relationship with the landlady of the noodle house. But as I am now well-known I can never be a normal guest anymore, there. My father hates my job but that's OK. I can go aboard with him every year to make him happy as long as there are no more crazy fans asking for an autograph all the time. I really thank them anyway. From now on, if you can meet me by chance, you can ask for an autograph, a photo session or call me ███ (The most famous character that subject performed), but please know that, that is not all of me.

Time: ████-██-█
Testing Personnel: ███ ([DATA EXPUNGED])
Speech Contest: I think you might hear of me? Well from news of course. I always think whether it is good or bad to be born with my background. In my ordinary time I just try not to think about it because I have no choice. But now I know, that is not all of me. My childhood should be counted as a happy one. I was born in the wealthiest family of the poor country. My father loves me and always says that I will take his place. My mother is silent and submissive to my father. But she is gentle and brave. She would read a lot of different book for me behind my father's back. And I know a lot more than any other one in my country. I love her though she has passed away. Eventually I finally knew why my father does not allow me to read books; it's because he knows that I will not follow his path if I read enough. Sometimes I really feel jealous about my Eldest brother and Second brother though my father always says my second brother is coward and looks down on my eldest brother. But I know that they know what my father's career is much earlier than me. I still don't know what I want to or I can do. But I want to work something out. Architect, painting, Poetry - But I have no choice. I hate what I am going to do, which is to continue his career but I have to do. I know these can never be forgiven. But that is not all of me.1

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