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Item #: SCP-CN-404½-J

Object Class: Euclid Keter (See Addendum 1: Incident Report 404) Explained (See Addendum 2: O5-CN's Explanation of SCP-CN-404½-J)

Note 1: Additional information regarding object's reclassification to Keter is in orange.
Note 2: Additional information regarding object's reclassification to Explained is in blue.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-404½-J cannot be completely contained. █████ network terminals influenced by SCP-CN-404½-J were isolated and put into record. Uninstall every security software in every network terminal in SCP Foundation's Chinese Branch (See Addendum 2: O5-CN's Explanation of SCP-CN-404½-J).


An example of SCP-CN-404½-J, screenshot from Agent Rambler's computer. Some parts of the pop-up are hidden.

Description: SCP-CN-404½-J is a type of computer virus that cannot be detected by any existing safety software. Network terminals infected by SCP-CN-404½-J will warn any personnel who tries to access SCP Foundation Chinese Branch's website, and "safety warning" pop-ups will appear from the safety software installed: "Foundation is fake", "website contains fraudulent information", "website has been reported by multiple users", or etc. Normally, the Foundation's website can still be accessed if this pop-up is ignored, but it is possible that it is blocked by certain security software. Description above depicts the first stage of effect of SCP-CN-404½-J.

The second stage of effect of SCP-CN-404½-J is memory-affecting and mind-affecting, and is only able to affect SCP Foundation Chinese Branch personnel (See Addendum 1: Incident Report 404). When a Chinese Branch personnel access a network terminal infected by SCP-CN-404½-J on the final days during their break, his/her memory and mind will be affected. Affected personnel will believe that " the Foundation is fake ", and that they are not actually a SCP Foundation Chinese Branch personnel. They will suddenly remember something emergent that they must do and leave the Foundation. After 12:00 pm (midnight) on the same day, SCP-CN-404½-J will automatically seize to influence the affected personnel. It is important to note that only certain personnel will experience the second stage of effect, and that the cause of it is still under investigation.

SCP-CN-404½-J existed ever since SCP Foundation Chinese Branch website was created, it is possibly created by GoIs with the intention to attack the Foundation.(See Addendum 2: O5-CN's Explanation of SCP-CN-404½-J)

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