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Item #: SCP-CN-412

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-412 is contained in a Standard Containment Locker in Site-CN-34. Use of the object for testing requires the approval of at least one member of Level 3 or higher staff. As the effect of the anomaly compounds as it is used on the same subject, testing is to be limited to 5 photographs per subject. All currently existent SCP-CN-412-1 instances are to be contained in Standard Humanoid Containment Chambers; unauthorized entry to the containment chamber or visual contact with the instances is forbidden. All instances affected by the anomaly are to be amnesticized; the Foundation has already deleted all photos bearing anomalous properties.

Description: SCP-CN-412 is a Fujifilm [REDACTED] model instant camera, identical in appearance to other cameras of the same model. The camera cannot be disassembled and automatically refills its negatives.

When SCP-CN-412 is used to photograph a human subject, the negative produced will show what the subject perceives as a "more beautiful" version of themselves. When the subject views the resulting photo, the object's anomalous effect will manifest (subjects who fulfill these requirements are designated SCP-CN-412-1). SCP-CN-412-1's appearances will slowly change over the course of a day to reflect the appearance on the paper. If the photograph is of a non-human subject, multiple subjects are present in the photo, or the photo is not developed, the anomaly will not occur.

If subjects other than the photographed subject see the photograph or the transformed SCP-CN-512-1, they will become inclined to take the following actions:

  • Attempts to use various means, such as makeup and plastic surgery, to make their appearances closer to the SCP-CN-412-1 instance's appearance. However, even if the instance is aware of SCP-CN-412, they will not use SCP-CN-412's effects to this end.
  • If the SCP-CN-412-1 instance has completely transformed, they will use their own photographic implements, such as cameras or smartphones, to photograph SCP-CN-412-1, and attempt to spread these images. If the photographed instance has not seen the negatives, they will attempt to show the negatives to the instance.

After SCP-CN-412-1's transformation has completed, all photographs and videos, even those using non-anomalous photographic equipment will cause viewers to take these actions.

After SCP-CN-412-1's transformation is complete, SCP-CN-412 can be used again to photograph the instance. Following this, SCP-CN-412-1 will further transform; see the following chart1:

Number of photographs Result
1 Minor changes to face and torso; changes would have been possible with minor plastic surgery
2 Further improvements to the face and torso, resulting in more conventionally attractive facial expressions similar to "influencer face"
3 Major changes to the subject's appearange, which would allow the subject to be recognized as "beautiful" in most areas of the world
4 Subject changes ethnicity and race
5 Subject changes gender and age

Of note is that different SCP-CN-412-1 instances do not converge to the same appearance after multiple photographs, rather retaining some of their initial features; however, people who view the instances will regard them as similar. As the number of photographs increases, the anomalous properties of the object will become stronger, causing subjects to photograph SCP-CN-412-1 and spread the resulting photographs and causing subjects to seek out more extreme methods of changing their appearance.

SCP-CN-412 was discovered in the home of ████ ███████. When discovered, the individual in question had photographed themselves three times and uploaded the photographs to the internet, leading to a rise in demand for cosmetic products and plastic surgery. This rise had previously attracted the Foundation's attention; however, prior to this, the Foundation was not aware of the anomaly's origin, merely that it was a "beauty sensation".

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