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SCP-CN-424's appearance , drawn by Dr. Bread

Item Number: SCP-CN-424

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: After questioning SCP-CN-424, it was confirmed that the "cabinet interior" was part of SCP-CN-424-1, so the furniture inside SCP-CN-424-1 was dismantled and sent to the site in batches -Reassembled in spare containment chamber of CN-34. Since SCP-CN-424-2 has almost no potential threats, it will still be placed in SCP-CN-424-1 and used by SCP-CN-424. One employee should monitor the production behavior of SCP-CN-424 at all times. When the production behavior is normal, all personnel need to consume a constant amount of SCP-CN-424-3 every day to ensure a stable number of SCP-CN-424 instances. When the production behavior is abnormal, it is necessary to negotiate with the individual immediately, and stop eating SCP-CN-424-3 to reduce the number of individuals. All human individuals who have been in contact with SCP-CN-424-1 and SCP-CN-424-3 will be amnesticized, and any information about the "God-level bakery without payment" on the Internet will be blocked.

Description: SCP-CN-424 is a general term for a kind of abnormal creature that calls itself "baking elf". The creature is about 15-20cm tall, spherical in shape as a whole, with no distinction between head and torso, and tiny limbs on both sides and bottom. All SCP-CN-424 wear a "hat" that resembles a combination of a chef's hat and a tuxedo, and a beard-shaped "accessory". It is detected as a part of the body and cannot be separated. SCP-CN-424 can only act in groups; if an individual leaves the group, it will self-destruct immediately, manifested as the entire sphere explodes, forming an unknown powdery substance. The substance does not match any substance found by humans so far, and will completely disappear within a period of time (approximately ██ minutes). SCP-CN-424 has a certain degree of intelligence, and can communicate in proficient modern Chinese, but cannot use other languages. In addition, SCP-CN-424 has a strong aversion to electronic products, so that camera or monitoring will cause multiple individuals to self-destruct; therefore, all recording and monitoring work must be done manually.

SCP-CN-424-1 is the kitchen where SCP-CN-424 is located; SCP-CN-424's individual activity range will not leave SCP-CN-424-1, and will immediately self-destruct if it leaves. Various amounts of SCP-CN-424 are produced in the area every day, and the method of production is direct appearance after investigation, and no reproductive behavior has been found. There is a certain randomness in the quantity, but it is positively related to the quantity of snacks consumed on the day and the degree of consumer satisfaction. At the same time, the individual life span is extremely short, ranging from about 18-24 hours. At that time, the individual will disappear directly.

SCP-CN-424-2 is the tool used for the production of SCP-CN-424, and will be named and sorted alphabetically afterwards. The basic usage of all SCP-CN-424-2 is no different from human baking utensils, but its shape is generally a combination of the baking utensils and a certain musical instrument, and the method of use is related to the musical instrument. Only when SCP-CN-424 is used will it produce abnormal changes. For its operating procedure, see experiment CN-424-alpha for details. The size of SCP-CN-424-2 is comparable to that of a human musical instrument, so multiple SCP-CN-424 are often required to operate simultaneously.


SCP-CN-424-2- The shape of D


SCP- The appearance of CN-424-2-E

The following are some commonly used SCP-CN-424-2:

  • SCP-CN-424-2-A and SCP-CN-424-2-B: A corresponds to the backing plate, shaped like a violin; B corresponds to a rolling pin, shaped like a bow. When A and B are used together, dough will be produced out of thin air in the cavity of A. The raw material and size of the dough will change according to the changes of A and B. For example, A and B shaped like a cello will produce a larger dough. It usually takes 2-3 instances of SCP-CN-424 on each side to move B to play the strings.
  • SCP-CN-424-2-C, corresponding to the egg beater, shaped like a tambourine. Can produce egg liquid out of thin air. Although it is hollow inside, it will make a sound like a tambourine when you use it to beat eggs, and it will make the egg liquid move with the rhythm.
  • SCP-CN-424-2-D, corresponding to the oven, looks like a drum set. The facility has several ovens of different sizes. Tap D rhythmically to inflate the dim sum quickly. SCP-CN-424 has a special "drum stick", but sometimes jumps directly on the tool.
  • SCP-CN-424-2-E corresponds to a mounting gun, similar to a trumpet instrument. Draw different patterns by pressing different keys. The tool can produce cream by itself. Different numbers correspond to different types and sizes of decorating guns.
  • SCP-CN-424-2-F, corresponding to the mold, looks like various musical instruments. This instrument has no specific instrument counterpart, but most are plucked string instruments. Large molds, such as cake molds, are often shaped like harps, and small molds, such as chocolate molds, are often shaped like guitars. Plucking the strings will cause the poured material to quickly solidify into shape.
  • SCP-CN-424-2-G, corresponding to the condiment bottle, looks like various blowing and aerophones, most of which are piccolos. Similar to E, this tool can produce different seasonings and spices by itself, and the different keys correspond to the amount.
  • SCP-CN-424-2-H, corresponding to the conveyor belt, looks like a xylophone. The only SCP-CN-424-2 discovered so far that has nothing to do with baking is only used for transferring between processes and for transferring finished products to the outside world. No need to tap or operate, just place the snack on the tool and it will be transferred automatically, and the music will be played continuously.

In addition, there are other SCP-CN-424-2, which can basically be corresponded according to the above template. When not in use, it will be placed in the cabinet of SCP-CN-424-1, and once placed, it cannot be found by individuals other than SCP-CN-424. It is speculated that there seems to be more SCP-CN-424-2 stored in the area, but the staff could not find it from the cabinet.

SCP-CN-424-3 is the general name for the abnormal food produced by SCP-CN-424. So far, SCP-CN-424 can only produce snacks, but there are a wide variety of them, including but not limited to various types of bread, cakes, biscuits, desserts, etc. Individuals hardly engage in any behavior other than productive behavior. The abnormal nature of SCP-CN-424-3 is that it has a strong excitatory effect, which will make the subject's heart beat faster, and the spirit is highly excited to the point of confusion, and even produce illusions, generally manifested as hallucinations ("the scene in front of you keeps beating") and auditory hallucinations ("upbeat music constantly playing in the ears"). Continuous consumption of SCP-CN-424-3█ for more than 3█ days will lead to irreversible mental illness, and even hemorrhage or death. At the same time, SCP-CN-424-3 is highly addictive, making the subjects consume SCP-CN-424-3 continuously. If the subject is not given SCP-CN-424-3 (such as a quarantined subject), it will desperately obtain it.

Experiments have proved that the above-mentioned abnormal properties of SCP-CN-424-3 come from the unknown substances that make up SCP-CN-424; Anomalous properties of CN-424-3. If not self-destructing, the product will only "better the mood" of the eater. (See Experiment CN-424-alpha for details)

SCP-CN-424 was found in a bakery in ██ District, Shanghai. The store does not have any salespersons or cashier areas, and there are no staff members entering or leaving. All the pastries were transferred to the window by the conveyor belt; at the same time, a large number of visitors reported that they "heard cheerful music coming from the kitchen". Eating the store's products resulted in many deaths, but a large number of customers still went; thus the Foundation discovered its anomaly and blocked it. In the kitchen, Foundation personnel found a large number of SCP-CN-424 in production.

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