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SCP-CN-440 on initial discovery

Item #: SCP-CN-440

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-440 is contained in a High-Value Item Locker in Site-CN-71. Access to the item is restricted to Level 3/CN-440 personnel only.

When conducting testing, SCP-CN-440 and a set of standard Guangdong mahjong tiles are to be placed in a Standard Temporary Humanoid Containment Chamber at Site-CN-71, and at least one member of personnel with 2/CN-440 clearance and 3 members of personnel with at least Level 2 clearance are to play a round of mahjong on the table. As there are currently sufficient personnel for testing, all requests to use SCP-CN-440 for non-research purposes will be rejected.

When using SCP-CN-440, aside from a region with a radius of 50 cm around SCP-CN-440 itself, the rest of the room is to be kept below a light level of 50 lm.

All personnel who have reported seeing SCP-CN-440-A instances while playing mahjong using SCP-CN-440 and have passed psychological evaluation can be granted 2/CN-440 clearance. Arrangements will be made for these personnel to carry out testing involving communication with SCP-CN-440-A instances.

In order to prevent the recurrence of Incident CN-440, a maximum of two personnel with 2/CN-440 clearance may use SCP-CN-440 at one time.

Description: SCP-CN-440 is a traditional-style mahjong table, discovered by the Foundation in a flat in Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong, after reports of a "haunted mahjong table" surfaced. Under most conditions, besides the marker signifying the East player1 being fixed on one side of the table, SCP-CN-440 has no significant differences from a standard mahjong table. However, when the table is placed in a room with light level under 50 lm and four players play a game of Hong Kong style mahjong on it, all players will claim to be able to see four pairs of translucent hands, one at each corner of SCP-CN-440; these hands cannot be recorded on video. These hands cannot be physically touched, but will substitute the players in receiving chips or money and shuffle the tiles at the beginning of each round.

Out of the players who have used SCP-CN-440, approximately 15% have been able to see these hands connected to four feminine entities wearing Hong Shing Hang Tan College uniforms, designated SCP-CN-440-A-1 through SCP-CN-440-A-4, and activate the SCP-CN-440-A instance corresponding to the seat they are using. Each SCP-CN-440-A occupies one side of the table, and each stand behind the players, with both hands extended to participate in the game. No rule has been determined for which subjects are capable of seeing these entities.

According to the descriptions provided by players who can see SCP-CN-440-A, their bodies and clothes are in a severe state of decomposition and damage, and similarly to the hands appearing on the tables, they are translucent and incorporeal. Of note is that these four entities do not have heads; the section where their heads would connect to their necks appear to be a non-translucent black.

Activated SCP-CN-440-A instances are capable of fluent communication in Cantonese, English and Mandarin and will interact with players in the seat they are standing behind who are capable of seeing them, providing them with suggestions as to what tiles to discard and whether to call chows2 or pungs3. They are also seemingly capable of hearing external sounds, but their speech can only be heard by the person they are standing behind. Although the other players cannot converse with these entities, recording devices are fully capable of recording their speech. Playing according to SCP-CN-440-A's suggestions allows players to more easily win4; however, their style of play differs between each entity.

SCP-CN-440-A entities appear to be capable of communicating with each other; however, no recording of this has been successfully taken.

Addendum CN-440:
Note: Irrelevant discussion pertaining to the game has been excised.

Incident CN-440:
In order to test the effects of activating multiple SCP-CN-440-A, four members of staff with 2/CN-440 clearance were arranged to play mahjong using SCP-CN-440. After the beginning of the game, all personnel claimed that they lost control of their bodies, and continued to play not of their own volition. Audio recording revealed the sounds of SCP-CN-440-A entities playing mahjong. Strong winds manifested in the interior of the room, with speeds reaching up to Category 10 and higher. When Foundation personnel attempted to activate the lights in the room, a strong sonic boom was heard from above SCP-CN-440, causing heavy, difficult-to-repair damage to the containment unit. Foundation personnel quickly secured the safety of the object and the testing personnel.

During the incident, SCP-CN-440 did not suffer any damage; all personnel involved in the test suffered mild cerebral concussions and lost their memories of the game, but were otherwise unaffected. Following interview with SCP-CN-440-A, it was determined that they had become extremely engrossed in the game and could not restrain themselves, and expressed their apologies for the incident. Testing involving multiple personnel with 2/CN-440 clearance simultaneously using SCP-CN-440 has been put on hold.

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