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Item#: SCP-CN-444

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-444 shall be handled in accordance with the general procedure of information blockade. A unique copy of the data is stored in appendix 2 to this document.

Description: SCP-CN-444 consists of algorithm and music score, numbered -1 and -2 respectively. SCP-CN-444-1 is a set of mathematical algorithms that convert the cosmic microwave background radiation received over a period of time into music scores of equal length. SCP-CN-444-2 is a score of this.

When a score is played, or a recording of it is played, an abnormal response occurs to anyone who can clearly hear the melody (including the player, if played in real time). Listeners will fall into a near-hypnotic state and, after the last note has fallen, begin to narrate a paragraph of the same meaning in their native languages, arranged as follows:

Item#: SCP-44444

Object class: Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-44444 can only be housed in a dense singularity formed by the compression of all matter in the original Adrian galaxy.

Description: SCP-44444 "Pangu" is extremely dangerous, he

Containment breach!Containment breach!Containment

(suddenly stops)

The reason why the format is similar to the common format of foundation archives remains to be further studied. The background investigation on the suspected exclusive noun "Pangu" mentioned in it is detailed in appendix 1. A background check on the suspected exclusive term "adrien galaxy" mentioned in the article was inconclusive.

At the end of the retelling, the audience will wake up with no such memory, only that they have enjoyed a beautiful piece of music and part of the melody. Since the narrative is short and short, the audience will not notice a time gap.

SCP-CN-444 was found at a concert themed "listening to the sound from the stars" held in the projection Hall of astronomy District of ██ science and Technology Museum. Although similar screening activities are often held, after the concert, when the museum area commentator entered the screening hall to guide the audience, he found the abnormal behavior of all the audience.

The foundation seized SCP-CN-444-2 from the science and Technology Museum and performed memory erasure on all the insiders. After investigation, the score was provided by the local composer zhang █████. The hunt for Zhang and a background investigation are still ongoing, including whether it is related to the fifth church or the Galactic Federation.

Appendix I:

Heaven and earth are as chaotic as chickens. Pangu lives in them. Eight thousand years old, heaven and earth open up. Yang is the sky, Yin is the earth. In which Pangu changed nine times a day. God was in heaven and holy to the earth. The sky is ten feet high, the earth is ten feet thick, and Pangu is ten feet long. So eight thousand years old, the days are very high, the earth is very deep, Pangu is very long. Then there are three emperors.

The earliest records of the same kind come from Xu Quan, a Wu native of the Three Kingdoms. In view of the relevance of the content, this paper investigates whether similar events occurred in the late Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period, but the progress is slow due to the long time

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