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Item #: SCP-CN-445

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: The only existing copy of the document of SCP-CN-445 is stored in the central database of Site-CN-57. Any access to the SCP-CN-445 document is forbidden regardless of the circumstances. MTF-甲巳Jia Si-09 "The Rescuers" has been dispatched to the SCiPNET internal database to search and destroy all discovered contents related to SCP-CN-445. If any contents suspected to be SCP-CN-445 are discovered, the reading process is to be terminated and reported immediately.

Description: SCP-CN-445 embodies as an electronic copy of SCP document which records an anomaly transporting personnel to another space and kill them. The format of SCP-CN-445 is generally in accordance with the standard of the Foundation, but several errors could be found in the content as shown below:

  • Invalid number of the Mobile Task Force
  • Lack of precise description of the item itself
  • Inconsistency between the containment procedure and the properties of the item
  • Significant logical error of the document

When a person (referred to as SCP-CN-445-1) attempts to read an unfamiliar SCP document, the document is possible to be replaced by SCP-CN-445. Under this circumstance, all item numbers in SCP-CN-445 will be replaced by the number of the corresponding document, while other parts remain unchanged. At almost no known case has SCP-CN-445-1 discovered this phenomenon.

After the SCP-CN-445-1 successfully reads and understands the anomalous properties of the item described in SCP-CN-445, the personnel will be immediately transferred to a space (referred to as SCP-CN-445-2) that is very similar to the original place. Generally, SCP-CN-445-1 is unable to detect the fact of being transported. At the same time, the SCP-CN-445 document they were reading will be automatically deleted and the original document will be recovered.

SCP-CN-445-2 has an environment almost identical to the Earth, with the only difference that SCP-CN-445-1 inside will encounter a series of negative events. The impact of these events gradually increases with the number of occurrences and finally becomes fatal. All known SCP-CN-445-1 individuals failed to survive beyond 7 days.

When SCP-CN-445-1 is in a near-death state, they will see a black humanoid entity in their view, conveying a message to them in a voice that SCP-CN-445-1 can just hear clearly and in a language that they can understand. The meaning of this information is exactly the same for all currently known SCP-CN-445-1 individuals:

You still don't understand? Idiot.

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