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PoI-4637 is the human instance on the left, and the status during the lifetime of SCP-CN-463 is on the right. Filmed in 2005

Item # (Archived): SCP-CN-463

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Due to PoI-4637 leaving Foundation supervision, a remark that shows it had lived in an orphanage until adult age is added into its identity information under the request of SCP-CN-463.

Description: Due to PoI-4637 having reached their majority, SCP-CN-463 is presumed to be neutralized. All anomalous effects that SCP-CN-463 had caused according to PoI-4637's wish lost efficancy before the dawn of the day when PoI-4367 reached majority. No person apart from PoI-4637 have any memories of these anomalous effects. The same evening, a bunch of jasmine (Jasminum officinale), their favorite flower, appeared in the front of SCP-CN-463's tomb.

Addendum: PoI-4367 has requested that their private asset will be transferred into Foundation account as a charity fund. In exchange, their body will be buried next to the tomb of SCP-CN-463, and a green belt of jasmine will be planted on the mountain.

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