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Item #: SCP-CN-475

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation has begun to use political influence to begin the process of developing public lighting facilities in areas that have had or are at risk or having SCP-CN-475 and encouraging residents of such areas to establish defined graveyards for burial and speed up urbanization so as to mitigate the difficulty of containing SCP-CN-475; however, this protocol is unable to fully prevent SCP-CN-475 and thus all monitoring units are to continue monitoring for further occurrences of SCP-CN-475.

If an SCP-CN-475 incident occurs, the nearest Mobile Task Force is to bring specialized equipment to the location immediately and efficiently locate, destroy and cremate all SCP-CN-475-1 and SCP-CN-475-2. All homes within a 5 km2 area around the location are to remain sufficiently lit at night until all SCP-CN-475-2 and SCP-CN-475-1 are confirmed to be destroyed; this lighting is not to be disrupted for any means. If the SCP-CN-475 incident has a high chance of expanding, a 15 km sealed radius may be established around the area and civilians may be evacuated to a safe area under the direction of the project in-charge. All Foundation personnel active in areas undergoing SCP-CN-475 are to return to their Sites or Outposts before dusk and are not to leave until dawn. In addition, they must move in groups. These areas are to maintain sufficient power supply to operate lighting.

Description: SCP-CN-475 is an anomalous phenomenon, which has currently been observed to only occur in locations fulfilling the following conditions:

  • Low population and building density;
  • Poor lighting, especially where public lighting coverage is incomplete;
  • Local custom in the area primarily buries their dead;
  • Undeveloped, such as areas in poverty or rural areas.

The most important of these conditions appears to be the lighting condition; it has been confirmed that under sufficient lighting, SCP-CN-475's rate of occurrence will drop dramatically.

SCP-CN-475's specific process remains unknown as it has solely occurred in areas with little video monitoring and no survivors have been discovered; records of transmissions from affected areas before and after the incident are non-anomalous. As such, it appears that the entire incident occurs instantaneously. When SCP-CN-475 occurs, all buildings in the affected area with humans inside will have their windows spontaneously disappear, being replaced with walls, and all entrances and exits blocked with cement. All humans within these buildings are stored in a container of fitting size (SCP-CN-475-1); containers range from coffins and fish tanks to any object that is capable of holding a body. All SCP-CN-475-1 will have the name and lifespan of the victim within inscribed on them (in the format "Grave of XX", with the birth and death dates written in the format "YYYY/MM~YYYY/MM" in Hindu-Arabic numerals). These containers are piled in a specific location within the building. Humans not within buildings when the incident occurs may also be discovered in a local-style tomb, which appears at the human's location when the incident occurs.

All of these humans are dead of abnormal causes upon discovery; the death is seemingly related to the SCP-CN-475-1 the subject is found in. Analysis of all the abovementioned objects and materials revealed no anomalies; in addition, the source of all materials, including the containers, tombs and cement, is unknown. The locations otherwise show no signs of violent confrontation, and non-human subject will not suffer any effects; all living pets found are calm and do not show any signs of distress.

If the area in which SCP-CN-475 occurs contains abandoned housing or pre-existing graves, they will be converted into SCP-CN-475-2. SCP-CN-475-2 are sealed containers of various types, with their sizes identical to that pre-conversion and typically sealed with cement. The exterior of SCP-CN-475-2 will bear finely carved inscriptions similar to those of SCP-CN-475-1 in the local language, stating the names and dates of birth and death of all victims in the current SCP-CN-475 incident. Some buildings containing SCP-CN-475-1 were found to also have become SCP-CN-475-2 upon discovery.

Upon occurrence, SCP-CN-475 has a possibility of transmission. Analysis has shown that all fully intact SCP-CN-475-2 become vectors of transmission for SCP-CN-475 at night; a new SCP-CN-475 incident will necessarily occur within a █km radius around an SCP-CN-475-2 in the next three days. SCP-CN-475-1 in large enough numbers have been confirmed to possess the same effect; however, the corpses within are safe. These further transmission incidents ignore the requirements for ordinary SCP-CN-475 to occur, save for the lighting requirement; as such, any location where humans stay with insufficient lighting may be a target for SCP-CN-475. For further information, see Incident CN-475-2.

Addendum: Incident CN-475-2, 19██/0█/██: An SCP-CN-475 incident occurred the previous day at [DATA EXPUNGED]. That night, the nearby city [DATA EXPUNGED] within the transmission range suffered a large-scale power outage, causing a large part of the city to be in complete darkness the entire night. The next day, the Foundation discovered that a █ km2 area in the western part of the city had become the victim of an SCP-CN-475 incident and that almost every residential building in the affected region had become SCP-CN-475-2. The Foundation instigated a large-scale dispersal and used [DATA EXPUNGED] to remove all SCP-CN-475-2 before nightfall. All relevant information systems were given appropriate treatment. This incident caused the death of ███ people.

Addendum 2: Excerpt from SCP-CN-475-1 and SCP-CN-475-2 Log.
SCP-CN-475-1-9: A coffin in the local style, closed with four iron nails. The victim was found inside with typical makeup and treatment. Autopsy revealed the victim was [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-CN-475-1-███: A ███-brand three-layer refrigerator; confirmed to be fully functional and identical to any other refrigerator save for the corpse of the victim within. Victim's corpse was discovered dismembered in all three compartments; although the fridge was not powered, the parts of the victim's body showed identical signs to as if they had been placed in a cold environment.

SCP-CN-475-1-███: A round glass fish tank with a capacity of █ m3. Discovered full of water, with marine plants, stones, and various other manmade fish tank ornaments, as well as three living goldfish, all of which were non-anomalous. Victim's body was soaked in the fish tank and covered in plant life; autopsy revealed they died of drowning.

SCP-CN-475-1-███: An aluminum can measuring [DATA EXPUNGED], obtained from a grave created by SCP-CN-475. Exterior bears packaging identical to a local brand of canned tuna. Upon opening the can, the victim's body was discovered curled up naked, immersed in marinade, Victim's body had been marinated, dried and processed at high pressure and temperature, similar to other canned foods. Marinade was tested and found to be non-anomalous and edible, save for the human parts mixed in from the victim's corpse.

SCP-CN-475-1-███: A deceased adult pig, with signs of being resealed after surgery; a piece of paper bearing the victim's name and date of birth and death was found attached to its forehead. Autopsy of the pig revealed the internal organs of the pig had been removed and the victim's body was placed inside the pig's body, surrounded by pig organs to fill space. Autopsy revealed the victim died of suffocation from breathing in pig organs.

SCP-CN-475-1-███: A box of cigarettes, produced by █████. Victim's body was rolled in tobacco rolling paper and placed inside the box; autopsy revealed the tar and nicotine content within the victim's body was over [DATA EXPUNGED]. Remaining cigarettes showed no anomalies save for size.

SCP-CN-475-1-███: A ██████-brand water dispenser; the plastic container used to supply water bears the company's logo; however, it contains [DATA EXPUNGED] that can be dispensed through the machine.

SCP-CN-475-1-███: An oversized █████████-brand microwave, approximately ███ m3 ins ize. Besides the required energy for operation massively exceeding that of standard microwaves, the microwave was non-anomalous. Victim was discovered [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-CN-475-2-███: A giant flush toilet made of white porcelain, converted from a house. The toilet cover and cistern were sealed with cement. After forcibly opening the sealed components, Foundation agents discovered the interior was filled with water and that █ coffin-shaped SCP-CN-475-1 were discovered in the water, all of which were the original occupants of the building; in addition, various objects and furniture from the original house and a drowned cat were discovered. The toilet was found to not be connected to the sewage system, but was still capable of operating.

SCP-CN-475-2-███: A large porcelain jar of pickled cabbage, converted from an abandoned building. Besides the size and the inscription on the outside, the jar is non-anomalous. After opening the jar, the Foundation discovered it was full of pickling vinegar and various types of vegetables, all of which were unusually large in size. The DNA present in the vegetables was confirmed to be human DNA of unknown source. Chemical analysis showed that the pickled vegetables had been pickled for at least 2 years; their source is still unknown.

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