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Item #: SCP-CN-514

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All Foundation personnel confirmed or suspected to have undergone Incident SCP-CN-514-1 are to be placed under watch by Site medical personnel while sleeping so as to enable emergency aid if the incident reoccurs. Research into SCP-CN-514 antibodies, medication and suppression is to be placed at a high priority.

Following extended research, it has been confirmed that observing infected personnel while sleeping prevents the occurrence of SCP-CN-514-1. All instances on the "Insomnia" Roster are to be watched over by Mobile Task Force CN-Beta-4 ("Night Watchmen") whenever they are asleep. If these containment procedures cannot be enacted due to emergent circumstances, the Task Force is to contact the nearest Foundation facility to provide aid and prevent infected from entering sleep.

Description: SCP-CN-514 is a disease, currently existing mainly in the bodies of high-level personnel in the Foundation and external governments. It is currently unknown how this illness is transmitted SCP-CN-514 will only spontaneously manifest on the bodies of high-ranking Foundation personnel; it cannot be ruled out that the anomaly possesses some degree of intelligence.

When an infected person enters REM sleep, there is a high chance that one or many incidents will occur on the infected person, which are collectively termed SCP-CN-514-1. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Subject unconsciously crawls on all fours and attempts to seek out and consume small insects.
  • Subject uses their head or elbows to strike the walls or bed with force far greater than when awake.
  • All hair on the subject's legs, arms and chest falls off and crawls into the nearest liquid container.
  • Subject's body becomes transparent and constantly produces rainbow-colored beams of light in all directions.
  • Head suddenly rotates 360°.
  • Subject attempts to use a running electric fan to [DATA EXPUNGED]

The effects of all aforementioned events will revert just before the subject awakens, leaving no serious lasting effects. For instance, subjects whose bodies become transparent will stop producing light and regain color, and head rotation will not leave behind any discernible injury. If any other person attempts to observe an infected individual during SCP-CN-514-1, all of these effects will immediately stop and revert. After awakening, infected subjects often report nightmares, bodily discomfort, and sprains; if SCP-CN-514-1 was interrupted due to observation, these symptoms will be more severe.

Following long-term observation and testing, SCP-CN-514-1 occurrence can lead to long-term memory discrepancies and loss of judgement, posing a hidden danger to many high-level projects. If the subject is continuously observed while sleeping, no such incidents will occur. The large-scale Mobile Task Force CN-Beta-4, as well as the "Insomnia" Roster, have been established to control the threat posed by SCP-CN-514. Of note is that indirect observation, such as with cameras or mirrors, does not prevent SCP-CN-514-1.

SCP-CN-514 was discovered by Dr. Yang ███. After repeated poor sleep, Yang installed a security camera in his room to "make himself feel safer", but instead discovered the SCP-CN-514-1 phenomenon, which he reported to the Foundation. Containment procedures and emergency testing were established in the following week.

For further information on SCP-CN-514's anomalous properties, see Document SCP-CN-514-A.

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