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Item #: SCP-CN-546

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The only existing copy of SCP-CN-546 is to be stored in a locked metal box in Hazardous Object Vault EJ-CN-08. It is prohibited to take any information carrier containing the content of the object out of the chamber. Access is open to a level 2 or higher researcher.

Description: SCP-CN-546 is a handwritten paper document with similar format and length as an SCP document, but its specific content is unknowable due to its danger and anomalous properties. Any individual who reads the content of the object will resolutely refuse to describe its content and answer any questions related to the object, with a tendency of neuroticism, paranoia, autism and mild persecutory delusion, which will lead to the loss of language structure and permanent degeneration of expression and comprehension (the individual designated SCP-CN-546-1). The transition lasts from hours to days. Due to the properties of SCP-CN-546-1 itself, further mental monitoring has not been conducted.

SCP-CN-546-1 demonstrates a high degree of resistance to external contact, but instances are able to communicate with each other in meaningless and illogical Chinese words and sentences. According to incomplete statistics, the three most frequently used words for individual communication are "milk", "Pachytriton" and "doomsday", but their usages are random and unrelated. No regular grammatical features are found. If multiple SCP-CN-546-1 instances are in the same space, they will start active communication, and their mental status will be greatly improved.

Copies of the object have the same effect as the object itself. Due to risk of memetic transference, the experiment of non-verbal communication between SCP-CN-546-1 instances was procrastinated.

Accident Log CN-546:

A researcher who accidentally read the copy of SCP-CN-546 demonstrated panic and refused to reveal the content of the object. The researcher was brought under control and the copy was immediately destroyed.

D-class was instructed to copy the content of the object on A4 paper and the copying was completed smoothly. When instructed to hand over A4 paper, D-class shouted abuse and swallowed it in his stomach, then attempted to destroy the object itself. After being stopped, D-class was in a state of emotional excitement and committed suicide in his cell that night.

D-class with mental retardation and no reading ability was instructed to copy the content of the object and the copying was completed smoothly. When instructed to hand over the copy, he demonstrated hesitation and panic. Repeatedly instructed, he attacked the researchers and was terminated by responding security personnel. Copies have the same effect as the object itself and have been destroyed.

An SCP-CN-546-1 instance was subjected to deep hypnosis and induced to speak out the content of the object. The instance woke up quickly, screamed and tried to knock the hypnotist's head into the wall of the medical room, then subdued by the hypnotist with judo skills.

The research on the contents of SCP-CN-546 has been suspended temporarily. Amnestics proved to be effective in the primary stage of infection (before SCP-CN-546-1 stage), and some of the infected researchers have returned to normal work.

Addendum SCP-CN-546a: The video log of Researcher ██████'s infection

Researcher ██████: Hey, the copy is done. Let me see if it is… Wait?

(The researcher was surprised.)

Researcher ██████: This, this prank isn't funny! How, how do you know… No, no… You don't know, but it's really… It's true… Oh, my God.

Other staff: What is true? What does it say?

(The researcher seemed to be experiencing complex inner activities.)

The researcher then destroyed the copy himself and refused to answer any related questions.

Addendum SCP-CN-546-012a: The interview log of some SCP-CN-546-1 instances

A: Jump intelligence special clinic, the third day a great pile of, circles.

B: For the vase, must prepare doomsday.

C: Originally ecological destruction screens wires milk milk, typesetting dielectric constant dentist, the last one at first.

A: Electromagnetic lock jumps Pachytriton advise having gone on.

C: Hug milk Privy Council banyan's can milk.

B: Supercritical sauce, culture shoe doomsday carrot affect accessory roots, bean raccoon how from every page sticky lymphocyte lamp?

C: (Discontinuous sound resembling the crowing of cocks) No federation ball's Pachytriton.

A: Milk plants pumpkin birds.

C: No lenses out of the bowl. Teacher milk jumped out of the column. Teeth climbing.

Dr. ██: Excuse me, what are you talking about?

SCP-CN-546-1 instances looked at Dr. ██ and stopped talking, then moving to a corner far from Dr. ██.

Shit! They were despising me! As though I were a pile of shit! —Dr. ██

A: In the neck, also think volume hobbit, one milk after one milk?

C: Yesterday milk neuritis karst landscape sometime?

B: Cornflour doomsday heat absolute.

A: Pachytriton Cosmic Observing Device, quiz coke check time slide toilet.

C: Minerals doomsday continuity, a, very Pachytriton, twelve green SCP milk.

B: Guess edible predict target formwork no kiwi fruit data expunged.

A: To ointment flavour, Pachytriton grow milk formulation?

B: (Sound of teeth gnashing)

C: Beard age content, Knight Périgueux milk union road.

B: (Apparently pleased, patting C on the shoulder)

A: (Laughter) Pachytriton don't know.

Dr. ██: Hi, milk Pachytritons somewhere every day?

SCP-CN-546-1 instances suspended conservation for seconds, and then used extremely inhumane violence against Dr. ██.

I'll never talk to them again, I swear! —Dr. ██

That one imitating SCP-CN-546-1's speech, come to my office later. —O5-█

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