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Item #: SCP-CN-555-J

Object Class: Hurt! So Hurt!!!

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force MTF-CN-TH120 ("Dentistry Angels") is to closely monitor all cases of SCP-CN-555-J across the globe. As soon as patients with SCP-CN-555-J are discovered, MTF-CN-TH120 is to immediately use the appropriate medical tools (including pliers, hammers, wrenches, explosives, etc.) to treat the instance. Where necessary, class-A amnestics should be administered to eliminate the psychological after-effects of SCP-CN-555-J.

Because incidents of SCP-CN-555-J appear frequently all around the world, plans to produce replicas of SCP-500 have already been put into action to quickly treat the great suffering of SCP-CN-555-J patients. These plans take priority over all research related to SCP-500.

Research to thoroughly eradicate SCP-CN-555-J is also in progress, and cross-testing of SCPs has been approved by the O5 council for this purpose.

If SCP-CN-555-J spreads to too much of the population, SCP-2000 is to be used to restart the world.

Description: SCP-CN-555-J is a condition where humans experience extremely strong pain in the [DATA EXPUNGED]. Based on reliable research conclusions from the Foundation, the pain of SCP-CN-555-J is 32000 times stronger than that experienced by females in childbirth, and 200 times stronger than that experienced by males when hit with great force in their [DATA EXPUNGED]. Human instances affected by SCP-CN-555-J will moan in pain, be unable to sleep, writhe around, feel like life is not worth living, beat their heads against the floor, [DATA EXPUNGED]…

SCP-CN-555-J is the SCP item which poses the most serious threat to the continued existence and development of human civilization. Countering SCP-CN-555-J is the great duty taken up by the Foundation since the day it was established.

To eliminate SCP-CN-555-J, the Foundation will not hesitate to pay any price.

Addendum: Excerpts from Interview Logs of SCP-CN-555-J Sufferers

You pack of devils, devils! Why torture me like this! I can’t take it anymore… please, all of you, kill me!——D-████, infected with SCP-CN-555-J for research purposes

Fucking SCP-CN-555-J is the most horrifying disaster in the world, it’s a disaster which would cause far more pain and misery than XK-Class end-of-the-world… no, ZK-Class reality-collapse scenarios… Even if I were to be [DATA EXPUNGED] by a hundred big burly men in turn I never want to experience SCP-CN-555-J again… OH SHIT, it hurts! IT HURTS!!!——Dr. ████

I was wrong, I swear I’ll never eat sweet foods again…——Agent ███

Sniffle… Mommy…——O5-█

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