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Object Number:Mary Sue

Object Class:Keter Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures:Mary Sue is currently described by the following entry:

0. After this entry becomes effective, the description of Mary Sue requires the written approval of a person with CN-579-J/5 clearance in this document to become effective.

1. Mary Sue is difficult to observe, and difficult to determine the shape and location.

2. Most of Mary Sue's traits are still unclear.

3. Mary Sue may disappear from her containment cell.

4. Mary Sue is a humanoid.

5. Mary Sue had wisdom.

6. Mary Sue is friendly.

7. Mary Sue is happy to be in her containment cell (Site-CN-34, Room 403), unless she is assisting Foundation members with other tasks (modification to entry 3).

8. Mary Sue has a higher intelligence than humans (modification from entry 5).

9. Mary Sue is female (modification from entry 4).

10. Mary Sue is not a hazard to humans (addition to entry 6).

11. Mary Sue will always exist.

12. Mary Sue will submit details of all descriptions included in SCP-CN-579-J upon request, including but not limited to text descriptions, timestamps, and sources, and this description is approved.

If you need to add a description, you can submit an application to the site director, and the site director is responsible for submitting the description to the 05 Council for review.

Description:SCP-CN-579-J is a collection of descriptions. When calling SCP-CN-579-J with a specific name and describing it, if the description does not conflict with all previous descriptions (based on the actual creation time of the description, not the order in this document), then the The description will be true and added to the collection. The form of description includes, but is not limited to: text, language, suggestion, and even body movements; however, in order to ensure safety, any new description (after Containment Procedure Item 0 takes effect) must be authorized by CN-579-J/5-level clearance personnel Written approval within this document is only valid.

Taking advantage of this property, SCP-CN-579-J can be used to safely assist the Foundation's containment and research work.

In order to avoid descriptions of SCP-CN-579-J unintentionally, maliciously, or maliciously, add containment procedure entry 0 as a review method, and containment procedure entry 12 as a public method.


Here are other descriptions about SCP-CN-579-J that have taken effect. Compared with the main items listed in the containment procedures, the items in the appendix have a smaller impact and are often limited to individuals; however, the chaos it brings still seriously affects the normal work order of the Foundation.

[2020.1.4 14:32 Dr.Tan] Mary Sue is a lolita.
[2020.1.4 14:32 Dr. Tan] Mary Sue is very cute.
[2020.1.4 14:32 Dr.Tan] [REDACTED]
[2020.1.4 14:32 Dr.Tan] [REDACTED]
[2020.1.4 14:32 Dr.Tan] Mary Sue in 2020 1 Appeared at Dr. Tan's home at 21:00 on January 4, and returned to the containment room at 06:00 on January 5, 2020.
[2020.1.4 21:02 Dr. Tan] [REDACTED]
[2020.1.4 21:02 Dr. Tan] [REDACTED]
[2020.1.4 21:02 Dr.Tan] [REDACTED] (Even just looking at Dr.Tan's fetish is enough to send me to hell. My God. -Dr.Wei)
[2020.1.5 08 :50 Dr.Tan] Mary Sue transformed Dr.Wei into a 15-year-old female, and [REDACTED].
[2020.1.5 08:55 Dr. Wei] After Mary Sue restored Dr. Wei's body to a normal state, she no longer made any changes to it.
[2020.1.5 08:55 Dr.Wei] Mary Sue did not accept the description from Dr.Tan.
[2020.1.5 08:57 Dr.Wei] Mary Sue told Dr.Tan on behalf of Dr.Wei that she has put up with him for a long time, and [REDACTED] Dr.Tan.
[2020.1.5 08:58 Dr. Wei] Mary Sue's costume will ensure that her [DATA EXPUNGED] cannot be looked at under any circumstances.
[2020.1.5 09:00 Dr. Wei] Dr. Wei forgot everything about Mary Sue.

[Partial data omitted]

[2020.6.20 11:24 Dr. Cortez] Mary Sue has always existed.
[2020.6.20 11:24 Dr.Cortez] Mary Sue restored Dr.Cortez's arms.
[2020.6.20 11:45 Dr.Cortez] Mary Sue will be responsible for the containment of SCP-048.
[2020.6.20 11:45 Dr. Cortez] Mary Sue returns to her containment chamber.

[Partial data omitted]

[2020.8.1 3:00 Leader-One] If Mary Sue exists, the members of the SCP Foundation O5 Council are: [REDACTED].
[2020.8.7 16:51 05-8] If Mary Sue exists, the 05 Council will take over the duties of the original O5 Council, consisting of [REDACTED].
[2020.8.7 16:52 05-8] After this entry becomes effective, the description of Mary Sue needs to be approved in writing in this document by a person with CN-579-J/5 authority.
[2020.8.7 16:52 05-2] The Ethics Committee was unable to recognize Mary Sue, and this description was approved.

Fortunately, it is just a usurper. If it's undercover for a hostile organization, that's enough for us to drink a pot. ——05-8
This is not the point, the point is, as long as you add the constant truth propositions related to her like "If Mary Sue exists", SCP-CN-579-J is a tm almighty wishing machine! You think about how dangerous this is. ——05-2
Don't worry now. If it doesn't work, I will continue to think about other measures to "protect it safe", or I will ask a Ph.D. in information security to do this. (By the way, the next description handles the Ethics Committee.) — 05-8
I'm still not quite used to what we're called "05 Council" now. Is there no other way? — 05-4
Ugh, that name was just something I came up with in an emergency… The problem is that the O5 council has been polluted by that damn record… I'll figure it out. ——05-8

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