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Item #: SCP-CN-666

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: To ensure Agent ████ Cheng continually follow his dietary rules, security personnel are specifically arranged to accompany him dining in D-Class Female Camping Area toilet, second floor, Site-CN-23, and his diet is restricted to fresh broccoli(Brassica oleracea var. italica) that has not been processed by any means. During his meal, special medical staffs are to provide intravenous nutrition injection and other health cares. Since Agent Cheng has been refusing to cooperate, and recently began to show depressive symptoms, his daily behavior is to be under intensive monitoring, and if necessary, enforcement measures. Attempts to steal food or commit suicide should be strictly prevented.

Since Female D-class Camping Area toilet must maintain its function as a toilet, usage is allowed for female crews participating in SCP-CN-666 project, especially during Agent Cheng's dining time. Non-Foundation personnel and D-Class personnel should not know the existence of Agent Cheng, and Agent Cheng's family has accepted amnestic and retirement welfare.

No known cure has been found for the anomalous affection of SCP-CN-666, as all attempts has resulted in limited effects. Amnestic is able to move affected personnel's attention away from said event, yet it is unable to generate persistent immunity, and totally ineffective to Agent Cheng himself.

Members of SCP-CN-666 project group should spare no effort investigating the cause of Asha's Foot's sudden worldwide disappearance. Artificially synthesizing a substitute for Asha's Foot was once considered, but was cancelled due to cost issues.

Description: SCP-CN-666 is the anomalous situation centered on former level-2 Field Agent ████ Cheng of Foundation's Chinese Branch. Its manifestation is a kind of abnormal psychology that is both cognitohazardous and infohazardous, making the affected personnel, including Agent Cheng himself, attempting to let him break his due dietary rules. Abnormal behaviors includes trying to let Agent Cheng consume other food than broccoli or Asha's Foot, or dine in other places than D-Class Female Camping Area toilet, second floor, Site-CN-23. They do not consider such behavior ethically questionable at all.

Agent ████ Cheng does not show any anomaly physically. The only disorder is that he can not mentally accept his due dietary rules. Agent Cheng is well-behaved, as no other anomaly exists in his ethical ideas and morality except for his desire to consume other type of food and attempt to change his dining place, despite the fact that such behavior clearly violates traditional morals and ethics. When pointed out that these rules are opposite to his long-held views, he expressed confusion and that he cannot understand such statement.

Infection of SCP-CN-666 take place when any non-Foundation personnel acknowledged information about ████ Cheng and his due dietary rules. The affected persons reject these dietary rules like Agent Cheng himself does, even though such rejection is contrary to common moral standards. Such infection is considered partly infohazardous because it requires the subject to gain certain knowledge about Agent Cheng. In specific, witnessing Agent Cheng dining in the toilet, being informed of the meaning of Asha's Foot, or knowing Cheng's name and position in the Foundation(which requires the subject to know information about SCP Foundation, thus the risk of a large-scale spread is low under normal confidentiality agreements) could cause infection. The affected persons will consider Cheng's dietary rules some inhuman cruelty, and thus feel the same negative psychology as that responding to immorality affairs. They cannot recognize the illogicality of such view.

Notably, persons that had been officially employed by the Foundation before the anomaly manifested are immune to the said affection. Mechanism of such immunity is unknown. Hence, a theory holds that such anomaly was intentionally produced by some certain hostile group.

Another anomalous situation detected together with SCP-CN-666 is the worldwide disappearance of Asha's Foot. Investigation shows that other than the memories preserved by Foundation staffs, Asha's Foot has no entities, records or memories kept in the whole world. It is also noted that affected persons show abnormal difficulty to comprehend the conception of Asha's Foot. Even if they are told the related information, they still can not understand what Asha's Foot is. It is yet to be confirmed if such situation is a manifestation of certain reality reformation, and it's relation with SCP-CN-666 is unknown.

In this case, the only food remained available to Agent Cheng is broccoli, letting him face the risks of nutritional imbalance and dehydration. With the Ethics Committee's approval, nourishment not contained in broccoli is provided by intravenous nutrition injection during Agent Cheng's meal.

Although ████ Cheng is the key factor of the entire anomalous situation, no evidence shows that he is the source of the anomaly. Whereas the situation was sensitive, the Ethics Committee discussed and decided that ████ Cheng was not viewed as an anomaly yet, but as a victim of SCP-CN-666's anomalous effects. His level-2 field agent position was paused but reserved, and he was cataloged as E-Class personnel.

History: Anomalous behavior of Agent ████ Cheng began at Oct. ██, 2012. Around 6 a.m., Cheng's colleagues found him consuming Guangdong steamed rice rolls in the Site cafeteria. He merely showed confusion at his shocked colleagues, and furiously refused to cooperate when being forced to stop.

Security personnel controlled him and sent him in quarantine for investigation. Since the situation was
abnormal, Site representative of Ethics Committee allowed him to temperately dine outside the female toilet, second floor, until it was cleared whether anomalous causes exist. After thorough investigation, such abnormal psychology was viewed as Cheng's personal mental issues, and Field Agent Headquarters of CN-██ arranged him a forced psychotherapy after confirming the situation.

The day when Cheng's quarantine was lifted, security personnel sent Agent Cheng to the female toilet of D-Class camping area for dinner. However, D-Class personnel present were puzzled and angry, claiming that they could not understand the behavior of security personnel, nor can they accept the fact that Agent Cheng must dine there. Possible cognitohazardous/memetic nature of SCP-CN-666 was detected, as site staff took related counter-measure immediately, and launched interrogation and investigation towards involved D-Class personnel. After its anomalous nature was confirmed, such status was given a SCP number.

Addendum: Interview log taken at the early stage of Agent ████ Cheng's abnormal situation

The following interview was conducted after Agent Cheng had been found abnormal, with the purpose of finding out what kind of mental affection has been cast on him.

Interviewed: Agent ████ Cheng, formally a level-2 Field Agent of Foundation's Chinese Branch
Interviewer: Dr.Hong, Site-CN-23 psychologist

[Begin Log]
Dr.Hong: Greetings, Agent ████ Cheng. I am here to inquire you about the incident this morning. Why did you come up with the idea of eating steamed rice rolls in cafeteria?

Agent Cheng: You are all mad. Please, Hong, I beg you to inform the Original Foundation or See No Evil or any anti-memetic or anti mental impact department, ask them to send people immediately! I beg you, this is not a joke!

Dr.Hong: Calm down. A victim to mental impact can not always recognize his own problem, and most psychiatric patients don't consider themselves mad. However, as a Foundation Agent, you should at least show the professional quality when facing anomalies, so calm down, will you?

Agent Cheng: I…Alright. Alright. I will calm down.

Dr.Hong: Good. Now we continue with the question I just asked..

Agent Cheng: [Interrupts]Dr.Hong, could you please help me figure out this situation? At least understand why I'm mad. Now I don't even know the reason you stopped me from eating.

Dr.Hong: Don't you feel anything? You dined outside the D-Class female toilet, not eating broccoli, nor Asha's Foot. Don't you feel anything wrong about this?

Agent Cheng: Whatever Asha's Foot is, what problem should I feel exactly?

Dr.Hong: [1 second's silence]You said you do not know Asha's Foot?

Agent Cheng: I…No, I don't. Perhaps I'm mad.

Dr.Hong: Okay. Let me put it in this way. Do you consider dining outside female toilet an immoral behavior? Answer yes or no first.

Agent Cheng: No. I do not think there is any immorality.

Dr.Hong: Okay. Then, do you desire consuming any food other than broccoli or Asha's Foot?

Agent Cheng: I do. I do not like broccoli; I don't even know what Asha's Foot is. Steamed rice roll is not my only favorable dish.

Dr.Hong: When you are consuming these…other food, do you feel any moral guilty? Or detest?

Agent Cheng: No.

Dr.Hong: If I tell you that you must eat broccoli and Asha's Foot in female toilet, would you accept?

Agent Cheng: If you insist, I do. As long as it is not some monster meat that kills people, I can even accept human flesh.

Dr.Hong: And do you consider yourself morally obligated to do so?

Agent Cheng: I don't.

Dr.Hong: [Silence]Agent Cheng, if someone raped and killed an innocent girl without any justification, what would you comment on such thing?

Agent Cheng: Frenzied and heartless.

Dr.Hong: If the Foundation did not have absolutely necessary reasons, would you support Procedure Montauk?

Agent Cheng: Resolute opposition.

Dr.Hong: But why would you consider violating your dietary rules acceptable? Can't you see these behaviors are ethically equivalent?

Agent Cheng: [3 seconds' silence]…Hong, what do you think?

Dr.Hong: I think there is a serious displacement in your ethics. You have no idea what kind of evil deed it is to violate these rules.

Agent Cheng: And how about you? You eat broccoli every day? In female toilet?

Dr.Hong: No. This is aimed at you, level-2 Foundation Agent ████ Cheng. Only you among all human must obey these rules. It is normal. Not every moral obligation applies to everyone.

Agent Cheng: And who enacted such rules for me? Our dear O5?

Dr.Hong: No, Agent Cheng. Just like "do not kill people", such rules are the basic principles known to all common individuals. No one in specific enacted them, and if you must ask, I'll say the whole society did.

Agent Cheng: So the whole society agreed on a moral principle aiming only at me? How could a moral principle be so specific? Where is your anti mental impact training now?! Can't you see such an obvious problem?

Dr.Hong: Please calm down, Agent…

Agent Cheng: Dr.Hong, you asked me to show proper quality as an agent, and here I ask you to show the same quality as a psychologist. You have seen more mental disorders than I have, and you truly think "do not kill people" and "Agent Cheng must eat in female toilet" are equivalent? You don't even have a vague sense of what's wrong…

Dr.Hong: [Interrupts]No, absolutely not. Agent Cheng, I think that's all for today. Do not be worried, for whatever you may…commit now, it is not your fault.

Agent Cheng: Allow me one last question. At least enlighten me what Asha's Foot is. Just think I'm suffering memory loss and you are helping me recover.

Dr.Hong: Asha's Foot is the finite dance that casts to world's infinite realm, walking together with unbroken me in eighty-six million four hundred and fifty thousand worlds, sending forth smell of rosy frankincense that belonged to moonlighted former library1, heard and one knows the gospel of four-leg doomsday fish2. O holy great maiden's mother's granny praises the baptism of spider's kiss, that it provides thee, ████ Cheng, all nourishment especially water that is not contained in broccoli. Do you remember now?

Agent Cheng: [Sigh]I don't. I'm insane. Totally insane.
[Eng Log]

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