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Item #: SCP-CN-666-J1

Object Class: Obviously Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No special containment procedures needed! It's completely harmless! We should happily accept this change Due to the large numbers of SCP-CN-666-J-1, and their deep assimilation into human society, complete containment of SCP-CN-666-J is currently not possible, all the Foundation can do is restrict transmission of SCP-CN-666-J as much as possible to prevent the SCP from causing an SK-Class End-of-the-World Scenario.

Any instance of SCP-CN-666-J-1 discovered to be suffering from the abnormal symptoms of SCP-CN-666-J must be immediately restrained and contained in a soundproof 10mx10mx10m room and given whatever they want. Each soundproof room can only contain a maximum of 5 SCP-CN-666-J-1 instances.

Any human discovered to be affected by SCP-CN-666-J must be immediately isolated and forcibly administered a Class-B amnestic, followed by continued psychiatric evaluations at regular intervals for the next year. Direct contact with SCP-CN-666-J-1 instances confirmed to be infected with SCP-CN-666-J requires approval by two or more level 4 staff.

Description: Amazing All cats are potential instances of SCP-CN-666-J-1, SCP-CN-666-J designates the sounds, movements and other effects on human thought made by SCP-CN-666-J-1. People affected by SCP-CN-666-J (designated SCP-CN-666-J-2) will display behavior including but not limited to the following:

  1. Referring to affected SCP-CN-666-J-1 instances as "Emperors" or "Kitty Masters".
  2. Showing a far greater degree of concern for SCP-CN-666-J-1 than the average human does for house-cats.
  3. Personalities gradually tending towards introversion we just like cats!, and a marked increase in the amount of time spent with SCP-CN-666-J-1 instances in daily life.

Due to the influence of SCP-CN-666-J and the degree and numbers to which SCP-CN-666-J-1 has assimilated into human society, kitty masters SCP-CN-666-J could possibly cause an SK End-of-the-World scenario (more than 95% of the human population becoming SCP-CN-666-J-2 instances, scientific research almost completely focusing on "how to better serve SCP-CN-666-J-1" instead of meeting humanity's needs). Cats are the best animals in the world

O5-█: Hey █, the meeting hasn’t ended yet.
O5-█: I have to go home and feed my cat.

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